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[Startup Guide] 10 must-have Digital Marketing Strategies for a Tech Startup

By : CIOL Bureau

Being a tech startup is never easy. In an increasingly digitalizing world, while it certainly has its intrinsic advantages, it has its share of downsides and challenges too. From scarce funding to networking and partnership issues to cybersecurity challenges to

Things to keep in mind while making a Digital Marketing Strategy

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With over 5 billion internet users worldwide and an average of 3.5 billion searches carried out every day, businesses depend on a well-developed digital marketing strategy to stand out amongst their competitors. With so many businesses cropping up left and

In a limited marketing budget, what marketing strategy should you go for?

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Creating a marketing budget for your business involves a lot of guesswork. In today’s digital age, one thing is sure. No matter which industry you belong to, your business is bound to have a presence on the internet; whether you

How social media is influencing and changing consumers’ way to adapt to the Tokyo Olympics?

By : CIOL Bureau

Social media has come a long way from being only a medium of connecting people and exchanging hellos. Over the years, the marketing terrain has undergone umpteenth transformations. Today, social media is one of the most crucial tools for brands

Marketing Automation Trends Strengthening Brand-Customer Relationship

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The Coronavirus pandemic, in 2020, led to a nationwide lockdown bringing the economy to a standstill. It caused disruptions across industry verticals. With business models unsettled, brands needed to find newer and innovative marketing methods to keep their customers engaged.

Mobile advertising is changing the landscape of the advertising sector

By : CIOL Bureau

In a world of hyper-exposure to advertisements, that the pandemic has had a ‘sobering effect’ on the advertising sector as a whole is beyond doubt. Yet, for an industry characterized by a cross-platform media landscape with a plethora of platforms

[Tried and Tested] Easy ways to fortify Digital Marketing campaigns with Data

By : CIOL Bureau

With limited marketing budgets, the primary focus revolved around the creatives and research for the last decade. However, if we closely observe the past couple of quarters, the rise in data-driven marketing is unmistakably visible; with numerous tools now available

How OTT platforms are empowering digital marketers

Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment and that too on-demand! It’s time for on-demand content to take over as more and more consumers are finding access to personalised content on their hand-held devices.  On-demand content is the new in-demand. On-demand Video content has

Netcore enters marketing and customer analytics segment

BANGALORE, INDIA: Marketing technology solutions provider, Netcore Solutions has entered the marketing analytics and customer analytics segment with an integrated solution combining customer analytics, cross-channel marketing automation and marketing analytics. The marketing analytics demands in India are largely serviced by the ‘pure play’

Affiliate marketing spends growing steadily in India to touch $835mn by 2025

By : Soma Tah

Are you looking to grow your business and scouting for the right marketing tool? Then, affiliate marketing could help you in driving your profitability. According to a white paper, released by Tata Strategic Management Group (TSMG) in association with IAMAI