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How Emerging Technology is Changing the Data Privacy Landscape

By : CIOL Bureau

As digital beings, we are sometimes unaware of the vast amount of data that we are generating. While this data is integral to enhancing our online experiences, it also puts our privacy in great danger. Fortunately, new and improved technologies

Data Privacy Day: How is Cybersecurity the backbone of every insurance company?

By : CIOL Bureau

Last year catapulted digitalization to the top priority list for many companies across the globe. The digital revolution in India disrupted the business environment in all industries, and the Insurance Industry is no exception. Technological advancements have remodelled the way how

Privacy—Is there a White Mirror Somewhere?

By : CIOL Bureau

Like a wrong knot, the issue of privacy unravels into many directions and exposes other knots—just like what we have kept witnessing with privacy-related mishaps every now and then. Are we pulling at the wrong cord by any chance? Can

The WhatsApp Debate signals the emergence of a new digital era

By : CIOL Bureau

This decade is likely to see the emergence of online new consumer experiences that spins off from two consumer trends. The first centres around the need for stronger control over user privacy. Second, the consumer’s willingness to pay for their

WhatsApp Privacy and End-To-End Encryption: A Lock With A Universal Key

By : Laxitha Mundhra

Imagine texting your family on WhatsApp that you are going to be parents. The next moment you search something on the internet and ads of baby products start popping up. What does that tell you? One thing that WhatsApp privacy

How is Data Security and Privacy a key Business Goal?

By : CIOL Bureau

New remote work options now come with rapid technology adoption. Thus, business owners can be unaware of the growing cybersecurity threats that come with this digital transition. Today, businesses across size and scale rely heavily on various software solutions and

Why Every Mergers & Acquisitions Deal Should Include Data Privacy Due Diligence

By : CIOL Bureau

The US-based hotel group Marriott International was recently fined almost £100m for falling foul of the EU’s GDPR legislation. The fine was levied on the hotel giant for a massive data breach, identified in 2018, that saw the personal data

Implementing data privacy: Indian companies share best practices ahead of the data protection law

By : CIOL Bureau

In its first Indian edition of the ‘Privacy Matters’ roundtable, Mozilla brought together the brightest minds from India’s leading and upcoming online businesses to discuss practical issues surrounding data privacy. Held recently in New Delhi, the aim of the session

“Personal Data Protection Bill 2018 showcases India’s growing concern for data privacy”, Jayant Saran Deloitte India

By : CIOL Bureau

Jayant Saran, Partner, Forensic – Financial Advisory, Deloitte India, on the data protection bill from a fraud investigation perspective. The recently drafted Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018 showcases India’s growing concern for data privacy. The Bill covers diverse aspects of