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Should SMBs in India be wary of Trojan-emails?

MUMBAI, INDIA: Attackers have been spreading two families of remote access Trojans (RATs) to small businesses in

After Ashley Madison, cyber extortion will raise its ugly head again in 2016

BANGALORE, INDIA: 2015 will be remembered as year of Data breach as we witnessed data leaks from Ashley Madison to JP Morgan Chase & Co and eScan team predicts that 2016 can be alarming. There is no magic-bullet technology which

Who did it? Attribution challenges in the cyber space

BANGALORE, INDIA: 2015 saw campaigns from state-enabled actors, including the groups responsible for gaining unauthorized access to health care organizations and stealing personal information on millions of customers and employees. Many people point to companies victimized by cyber attacks, seeking

$7.7 million: Average cost of cybercrime per organization

MUMBAI, INDIA: HP has released results of its sixth annual study that details the economic impact of cyber-attacks across both the private and public sectors. Conducted by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by HP Enterprise Security, the 2015 Cost of

Samsung, Micromax still chasing away Ghost Push?

BANGALORE, INDIA: In September 2015, Cheetah Mobile Security Research Lab warned Android users against a new type of malware affecting devices called ‘Ghost Push’ – a stubborn Trojan which is nearly impossible to remove, as per the company. Multiple variants

Five tricks hackers use to dig deep into the enterprise network

Nikhil Taneja Enterprises need to take more stringent security measures as hackers come up with newer tricks to penetrate deep down into their networks. Cyber attacks are becoming more dramatic and cyber thieves have become smarter. With each passing year,

Searching for Priyanka Chopra? You need to read this

MUMBAI, INDIA: Now you better beware of clicking on third-party links and should access content directly from official websites of content providers. It’s better to visit official sites to find content for your favorite celebrities and only download videos from

Lawyers under attack

MUMBAI, INDIA: Even as the lawyers battle out cybercrime cases in the courts, new research shows an increase in the cyberattacks in their own backyards. A new study by the American Bar Association (ABA) study revealed that as of 2015,

India no longer a soft state; hackers strike back

MUMBAI, INDIA: In a befitting tit for tat reply to the hackers who have been defacing our websites, cyber warriors from India had launched a counter attack and hacked nearly 250 Pakistani websites. Indian hackers seem to have launched a

Healthcare industry sees red with 340 percent jump in cyber attacks

MUMBAI, INDIA: A new survey has revealed that the healthcare industry has witnessed 340 percent more security incidents. Some of the key findings include: •    The healthcare industry sees 340 percent more security incidents and attacks than the average industry