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Cyber-criminals are hacking home networks to attack large companies

By : CIOL Writers

Technology has definitely helped us reach the peaks of development, but at the same time, has left us exposed to the cyber-attacks. And cyber-criminals are taking complete advantage of the insufficient security. Symantec Corp, the global leader in cyber security,

Modified Gugi banking trojan can bypass your Android 6 security

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The rapid rise in technology has made web, a very significant part of our lives. On the other side, due to the rise in cyber attacks, it has made us vulnerable to cyber criminals. In late 2015, Android OS version

C-suite and IT-suite don’t seem to agree too much on cyber-threats

MUMBAI, INDIA: Indian businesses are under increasing risk from serious cyber-attacks, with a third (33 per cent)

Confronting the ‘unknown’ battle within

By : Pratima Harigunani

Surendra Singh INDIA: The year 2015 witnessed an unprecedented surge in information security incidents in India

Apple issues software patch for iOS apparently against Govt sponsored attacks

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If you thought that you are at risk of cyber-attacks only from hackers or criminals, think

Telecom industry ‘top target’ for cyber-attacks using insiders

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Cyber-criminals are increasingly targeting employees, in efforts to launch cyber attacks against businesses. Security researchers at

6 things C-suite execs need to do to make organizations cyber-resilient

Shrikant Shitole Attacks against business and nations hit the headlines with such regularity that they become

Wass-Up Tech: Oracle,Volkswagen, Delta. Crack, Smash, Down!

INDIA: No business in today’s age can afford an outage. If you happen to be an airline

Are the US Presidential elections under cyber threat?

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With ever increasing cyber-attacks across the globe, seems like even the US Presidential elections could be

PM Narendra Modi cautions citizens about mobile, internet fraud

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Though smartphones and the internet have made everything from grocery shopping to banking easier and convenient,

Govt making concerted efforts to curb rising cybercrime

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Inaugurating the ninth annual summit on Cyber and Network Security in New Delhi, Union Minister of

Insider theft is keeping enterprises awake

BANGALORE, INDIA: Insider data theft and malware attacks top the list of the most significant concerns

America trails APJ and EMEA in cyber maturity?

MUMBAI, INDIA: As per a new survey, 75 per cent respondents have a significant cybersecurity risk

A delay in s/w update? The Cybercriminal’s happy

INDIA:  The failure of users to regularly implement essential software updates to some 21 mobile apps

Cyber-insurance and other security storms

By : Pratima Harigunani

Pratima H INDIA: Insurance in cyber-security realm may sound quite an odd word, and at the

Wealthiest nations are most susceptible to cyber attack

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Crime has found a new medium, the Internet, and cyber attacks have become one of the

3 ways CIOs can protect users against cyber attacks

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Cyber attacks in the recent past have been causing huge losses in revenues for enterprise and

Mark Zuckerberg falls prey to cyber hacking

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Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the world’s most successful social networking site Facebook, may be nothing like

Numbers of Note: Excuse yourself from designer-threats and adult-site digressions

INDIA: As unpalatable as it may sound, India stands at 16.9 per cent among countries with

4 security challenges smart cities set to face

Anshuman Singh Smart cities principally depend upon information and communication technologies (ICT) to provide public services.