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US Govt charges Russian agents and hackers for Yahoo data breach

By : CIOL Writers

The US government has charged two Russian intelligence officers for “computer hacking, economic espionage and other criminal offenses” in connection with the 2014 hacks that compromised about 500 million Yahoo user accounts. The Department of Justice announced that four people, including

India was third largest source of spam emails in 2016: Kaspersky

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Sending an alarming reminder to all the e-mail users, Kaspersky has published a report which affirms the growing popularity of spam mails with ransomware. Kaspersky’s Spam and phishing in 2016 report revealed that the fourth quarter of 2016 witnessed an

RBI announces panel to strengthen cyber security

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Presenting its sixth bi-monthly policy statement for 2016-17, the Reserve Bank of India announced the formation of an inter-disciplinary standing committee on cyber security to establish an ongoing system of security review and analysis of the emerging threats to protect

Rebooting from a Cyber-Punch: Part 2

By : Pratima Harigunani

Pratima H INDIA: Oh you meant that area where nicotine-addicts get some room to inhale stress-busting air? But it has so many cob-webs dear! Righto! Once an emergency arrives (Part 1 spelled out that), it won’t allow time for usher-boys,

Rebooting from a Cyber-Punch: Easy, Messy, Gory?

By : Pratima Harigunani

Pratima H INDIA: Allergies are the most neglected gifts bestowed to humanity. Because people would rather royally turn a blind eye and handkerchief to the small signs that forewarn. They dismiss that sneeze, they brush away those slight stirrings of

Chrome to warn you against using insecure websites

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Online shopping is fun and convenient but it also leaves you vulnerable to online hacking if you are using insecure web pages. To guard you against such scenarios, Chrome has started notifying users if and when they use websites that

PM Modi offering mobile recharge worth Rs 500 for free is a hoax

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With PM Modi announcing the demonetization policy, came a flood of rumours. Mind you, the rumours included everything, from the colour of the new currency notes, its technical function to the reason behind the sudden move of demonetization. Obviously, scammers

Throwback: Major Goof-Ups That 2016 Tasted

INDIA: What a year! Just when we thought Volkswagen has pulled off the most embarrassing and most

Lynda.com falls prey to hacking, 55,000 user accounts affected

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Adding to the ever-expanding list of cyber-attacks, LinkedIn-owned Lynda.com has also fallen prey to hacking. The

Insecurity of Things

By : Pratima Harigunani

Atul Anchan The Internet of Things (IoT) provides us with an ever-expanding convenience, inter-connecting nearly every

Asian and African banks being attacked using a zero-day vulnerability: Kaspersky

By : CIOL Writers

The state of cyber-security across globe demands our urgent attention. Be it banks or corporate houses

AI and Cloud movers reading new security footnotes

INDIA: The rise of voice-activated AI to access Web, data and apps will open up creative new

7 Keys for stress-free online transactions

Nitin Surve Shopping online using cards is becoming increasingly popular as it makes life way easier.

Holiday season expected to intensify financial phishing: Kaspersky

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Only 13 days are left for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales to arrive, the

Weekend cyber-attacks include Twitter, Spotify, PayPal and others

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How the increasingly connected world is at high risk of cyber-attacks was once again proved last

UK bans Apple watches from Cabinet discussions

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Though technology has made living in the 21st century as easy and convenient as one could

Kids and criminals are masterminds of most breaches and not state sponsored actors

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These days whenever we hear about cyber-attacks or data breaches, the blame is very conveniently put

What is…an exploit?

Paul Ducklin INDIA: Most cyberattacks involve criminals exploiting some sort of security weakness. That weakness could be

Older users more vulnerable to cyber criminals

By : CIOL Writers

Kaspersky recently conducted a study on online behavior of the users above 55 years of age

Sophos Intercept X, the next-generation of anti-ransomware technology now available in India

By : CIOL Writers

Sophos, a global leader in network and endpoint security, announced the availability of Sophos Intercept X