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5 tips for implementing a cybersecurity plan in your organization

The COVID-19 pandemic is touted to be the ‘great accelerator’ of digital transformation, with almost every industry leveraging technology to tackle the crisis. The ubiquity of technology and the rapid growth of internet connectivity, along with the development of new

Trends for Cybersecurity and Risk in 2021: Bharat Panchal, CRO- India, Middle East, Africa, FIS

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2020 – The year which no one would like to remember on a positive note. Every human being on the planet has a direct or indirect impact due to COVID-19. 2020 is now over, but we will continue to feel

31% of Indian organisations expect to be victims of cyber-attacks in future

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National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) launched in 2003 to create awareness on adopting cybersecurity best practices. 15 years later, this annual initiative continues to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity across the globe. With the rise in cybercrime

Cryptojacking Moves to IoT Devices in the Home

By : Soma Tah

BANGALORE, INDIA: Fortinet’s latest research reveals cyber criminals are becoming smarter and faster in how they leverage exploits to their advantage. They are also maximizing their efforts by targeting an expanding attack surface and by using iterative approaches to software

RSA helps CISOs quantify organizations’ financial risk exposure to cyber attacks

MUMBAI, INDIA: RSA has come up with the RSA Archer Cyber Risk Quantification use case that helps business users quantify their organizations’ financial risk exposure to cybersecurity events. The quantification of cyber risk will empower CISOs to better communicate the

Cryptocurrency boom and mining attacks went hand in hand in Q4’17

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In sync with the raging popularity and price of Bitcoin in the last few months of 2017, cyber-security firm McAfee registered a record surge in cryptocurrency mining attacks. In its latest McAfee Labs Threats Report: March 2018, the cyber-security firm reveals on average eight new threat samples

Winter Olympics’ organizers confirm hack during opening ceremony

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The Winter Olympics 2018, currently underway in PyeongChang fell prey to a cyber attack, the Olympics organizers confirmed. The hack happened during the opening ceremony. PyeongChang organizers have revealed that someone compromised services (including internet and TV) while athletes were on parade. “We

Alphabet launches Chronicle, a cybersecurity firm that aims to fight off hackers

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Alphabet, the parent company of Google has unveiled a new cybersecurity company that aims to make a business by preventing cyber attacks. The new company called Chronicle is betting on the premise that machine learning software, a type of artificial intelligence,

Banking on security in an environment of threats

Srinivasan C.R.  The global financial crisis of 2008 was a piercing wake-up call for the financial industries of the world. It brought several regulatory and legislative changes in its wake, all aimed at preventing the recurrence of such an event.

The Future of Security – New holes, New walls 

By : CMR Analyst

BANGALORE, INDIA: Security has always been an imperative for Enterprises but the recent blitzkrieg of attacks, ransom-ware onslaughts, connectivity-fall-outs, unforeseen vulnerabilities and an increasingly-consumerised world of technology with ever-blurring boundaries have turned this aspect of IT into a sly ghost

Board members still don’t treat cybersecurity as a top priority, feel IT decision makers

By : Soma Tah

BANGALORE, INDIA: A global Enterprise Security Survey done by Fortinet reveals that despite high profile cyberattacks continuing to occur, almost half of IT decision makers (ITDMs) at 250+ employee organizations around the world, including India, still believe that business executives are

Mona Lisa: No longer on CEOs’ walls. At least, not when they think security

By : Pratima Harigunani

MUMBAI, INDIA: From the whirlwind world tour that WannaCry attack tagged in May, to the Petya jolt that is keeping the globe busy firefighting again this week, ransomware is a word that has ceased to be some Grawlix that IT nerds

While the global outage is resolved, Skype remains silent

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If you were one of those Skype users, who were unable to use Skype because of the global outage, sit back, the problem has been resolved. After three days of the blackout, the company announced the problem had been solved,

Fireball malware infects 250mn computers worldwide: Check Point

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A new malware with roots in China that has infected over 250 million computers worldwide was recently discovered by Check Point threat intelligence and research teams. The Fireball malware, operated by Beijing-based digital marketing agency Rafotech acts as a browser-hijacker but

Mobile ransomware more than trebled in Q1, 2017: Kaspersky

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The global nightmare of ransomware shows no sign of slowing down, with the volume of mobile ransomware rising over three-fold (3.5 times) during the first few months of the year, according to Kaspersky Lab’s Malware Report for Q1, 2017. The

Zomato hacked; 17 million user accounts stolen

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India’s largest online restaurant discovery and food delivery service Zomato has admitted to a massive security breach with over 17 million user accounts stolen from its database. The stolen information has user email addresses and hashed passwords. The company, however, noted

Bitcoin: Digital currency or criminal currency?

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WannaCry cyber attack that engulfed more than 100 countries over the weekend indeed left many people crying. The ransomware apparently based on stolen US National Security Agency’s surveillance tools affected tens of thousands of machines worldwide, that included Spanish telecommunications giant Telefónica, operations at the

Cyber-attack on Union Bank of India last year on the lines of Bangladesh heist: Report

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Union Bank of India witnessed a cyber-attack last July on the lines of Bangladesh heist, after an employee opened an email attachment releasing malware that allowed hackers to steal the state-run bank’s data, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday.

Your WhatsApp account can be hacked with an innocent-looking meme

Do you know that a malicious code hidden within an innocent looking image received on WhatsApp can make you a victim of of the cyber attacks, where the attackers get a full control and access into your accounts and personal

McDelivery app reportedly leaked data of 2.2mn users, company denies the reports

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One delicious burger might hand your personal information to cyber criminals. Yes, when giant tech companies like Yahoo, can fall prey to cyber attacks, we can quickly estimate the security conditions of a typical home-delivery app. The firm in question