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Cloud is Helping Organizations Grow Faster

By : CIOL Bureau

Cloud computing is helping create opportunities for organizations to grow their business, by enabling cost savings, higher productivity and greater operational flexibility. Microsoft’s cloud services, such as productivity tool Office 365 and cloud platform Azure, are helping lower operational cost,

If Data is Oil, Business information is Petrol

By : CIOL Bureau

By Heramb Thuse, Head Cloud Solutions & Presales, Crayon Software Experts India Funny title! Isn’t it? IT world is always chasing new phrases and new tech jargons, fancy new ideas and new ways to apply new tech concepts. Every technology

Crayon Software Experts Appointed as a Value Added Distributor for AWS Cloud in India

By : CIOL Bureau

Crayon Software Experts, a leading global software and cloud expert, has been authorised as a Value Added Distributor (VAD) for Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud) in India. Crayon has been working with AWS Cloud to help customers purchase, manage and