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Covid-19 leading to a paradigm shift in globe’s operations

By : Sunil Rajguru

Vinay Bhartia, India Head, Lark, gives tips to both individuals and corporates on how to survive the Covid-19 crisis and talks of the sea changes that it is bringing in the way the world operates. What are the tips you

10 tech things that Corona will change

By : Sunil Rajguru

Let’s hope the Covid-19 Coronavirus epidemic quickly blows over and the final death toll is at a minimum. However the impact it will have on the global psyche of the world will be unprecedented and things will change for good,

ST Announces Collaboration with Gaia to Advance ‘Clean India’ Mission

By : CIOL Bureau

STMicroelectronics announces its collaboration with Gaia Smart Cities Solutions Pvt. Ltd to develop a citizen smart feedback system for the Swachh Bharat (Clean India) Mission. The joint effort aims to enable the smart transformation of enterprises and cities through real-time

Prysm brings interactive, single panel large-format LPD 6K display to India

BANGALORE, INDIA: Prysm has launched of its Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) 6K Series in India. Designed on Prysm’s patented display technology, the interactive, large-format single panel display offers a seamless and immersive visual experience. The solution is helping to define a new category

Avaya delivers integrated unified communications and team collaboration

USA: To address the growing demand for easy-to-use, integrated, unified communication and team collaboration, Avaya announced the addition of cloud-based team collaboration to the Avaya Equinox Experience, the company’s unified communications and collaboration user interface and cloud service. The Avaya Equinox Experience

Polycom to acquire VoIP audio solutions company Obihai Technology

INDIA: Polycom is acquiring a San Jose-based innovator in VoIP audio solutions, Obihai Technology. The pending agreement demonstrates Polycom’s focus on expanding the availability of high-quality Polycom desktop phones to a broader range of customers and partners. The planned move

Zoho unveils enterprise messaging and collaboration tool, Cliq

CHENNAI, INDIA: Zoho today unveiled Cliq, a chat software that blends instant messaging with video, audio, and group conferencing to create a unified communications system for organizations of every size. “More companies around the world are turning to chat for

‘Work’ is no longer a place that people go to, it’s what they do regardless of location

Soma Tah The adoption of mobility, cloud, and social media have changed the way people used to work earlier. The boundaries of workplaces are melting down fast, as today people can choose where they work, thanks to the consumerization of

Tools enabling flexi-work and collaboration emerge as a top priority for future workspaces

NEW DELHI, INDIA: A large number of the Gen X and Millennial workforce in India are open to digital workspaces, value work-life integration (rather than work-life separation), and are embracing flexi workstyles that enable them to be mobile professionals with

When the car becomes the chassis

Pratima H INDIA: It used to be all about whether it is a V8, a V12,

Flock now allows developers build custom apps & bots on its messaging platform

BANGALORE, INDIA: Team messaging app, Flock releases its platform, FlockOS- a chat operating system onto which developers can now

Microsoft brings its own version of Slack: Teams for Office 365

USA: Microsoft has got its own version of Slack a workspace collaboration app that it was reportedly

HPE builds Modern Workspace collaboration services with Microsoft, EventBoard & Logitech

BANGALORE, INDIA: To simplify employee collaboration, Hewlett Packard Enterprise(HPE) has announced the availability of Modern Workspace,

Post-Slack Offices: Part 2

Pratima H INDIA: In the first part, we tried to get over the shock of finding

A 7” heel on the treadmill! Post-Slack Offices arriving?

Pratima H INDIA: No matter how ‘in’ it is out there, or if it’s the exact

Is HipChat Helping Enterprises Cut ‘em Some Slack?

Pratima H SAN FRANCISCO, USA: To add ‘Hip’ to ‘Chat’ is much more than an exercise