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IBM gears up Watson to power its cognitive SOC platform

BANGALORE, INDIA: IBM Security today announced the availability of Watson for Cyber Security, the augmented intelligence technology designed to power cognitive security operations centers (SOCs). According to IBM research, security teams sift through more than 200,000 security events per day

Marching towards the era of cognitive mobility

Subir Roy Digital transformation is driving new avenues of investments in the IT sector. The disruptive technologies including Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud along with IoT spearhead this journey of digital transformation globally. The impact of it is visible in every

Cognition will unleash the true power of IoT

By : Soma Tah

Although the reports of high-tech innovations are making headlines in the Internet of Things (IoT), but due to its slow development and limited commercialization, some industry sentinels have started calling it the “Internet of NoThings”. Although the immense possibilities of

Some interesting examples of how various industries will leverage new technologies

SYDNEY: From drones to intelligent personal assistants to artificial intelligence to big data and more, newer technologies will drive interesting trends through 2016. Audrey William, Head, ICT Research, Australia & New Zealand, Frost & Sullivan, shares her insights for the

5 hi-impact disruptive technologies to watch out for in 2015

MUMBAI, INDIA: According to a recent IDC study, the digital transformation index in India has evolved rapidly. Here are five disruptive technologies that will have a profound impact on India in 2015. The technologies are listed randomly and not as per