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Chatbots for making hiring faster and smarter in future

By : CIOL Bureau

After taking the retail and banking by storm, the cognitive technologies are all set to change the face of staffing industry revamping the traditional or outdated hiring and recruiting practices. In IBM’s 2017 survey, nearly 66% of CEOs said that

How Artificial Intelligence driven chatbots enhance customer support?

By : CIOL Bureau

If you have placed orders online for food or any other item (who hasn’t these days) and if you had a query regarding your order or if you faced a glitch and opted to seek resolution for your problem through

Decoding hyper-personalisation at workplace through new-age chatbots

By : CIOL Bureau

There was a time when employees would have to wait for a simple answer to their query on, say, something as simple as their leave balance or details on different company policies. With collaboration tools gaining ground, those days are

[24]7.ai Blends Chatbots and Humans to Dramatically Improve Intent Recognition

By : CIOL Bureau

[24]7.ai announced that [24]7 AIVA, the company’s enterprise AI-powered chatbot, has taken another step forward in furthering the company’s blended AI vision by introducing human agent assistance for faster confirmation of consumer intent. This new intent clarification capability results in

Consumers: Chatbots still too dumb to get the job done

By : Ashok Pandey

Pegasystems Inc. announces survey results from 3,500 global consumers that find most chatbots still aren’t smart enough to meet their high expectations. While most agree chatbots can be fast and convenient in certain situations, consumers cite a lack of intelligence

Microsoft & Ramco Systems Introduces Ramco Global Payroll Software

By : CIOL Bureau

Microsoft and Ramco Systems strengthened their partnership with the launch of Ramco Global Payroll on Microsoft Dynamics 365 thus bringing a powerful combination of Talent and Payroll on a unified platform infused with Microsoft AI capabilities around Chatbots and Facial recognition. With

[24]7.ai chatbots now support Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

INDIA: Customer engagement solutions provider, [24]7.ai has extended its conversational and transactional capabilities to support Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for [24]7 AIVA. The new voice-enabled capability within [24]7 AIVA enables companies to have conversational and transactional interactions with customers

What Every Business Should Know About Chatbots

By : Anil Chopra

The latest technology to catch the fancy of a lot of businesses are chatbots—self-learning computer programs designed to have intelligent conversations with humans over the Internet. Several announcements were made recently by leading Indian banks and insurance companies about deploying