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Going cashless may have turned easy, but not worry-proof

BANGALORE, INDIA: A brief study, by the Centre for Software and IT Management at IIM Bangalore,

Cashless is not Stressless


INDIA: There’s nothing wrong in aspiring to be as advanced and as digitally-savvy as an ahead-of-the-curve Western

Paytm launches ‘1212 Cashfree Festival’ to promote offline transactions

By : CIOL Writers

Paytm is leaving no stones unturned to ‘cash-in’ the ongoing cash crunch post demonetization. The latest in the long list of targeted moves is the ‘1212 Cashfree Festival‘, which the company is calling its first offline shopping festival. From 100

UPI, NEFT, EMV: A Hall Of Mirrors?

Pratima H INDIA: Juggling is fun. To watch, that is. Unless one has mastered the craft of deftly letting go of one item in the air and precisely catching the other one, it’s not as slick and effortless as it

7 Keys for stress-free online transactions

Nitin Surve Shopping online using cards is becoming increasingly popular as it makes life way easier. Be it an e-commerce transaction, booking tickets online or availing a service, online transactions have successfully proved in saving time and providing the much

Cash Kerb-ed. UPI In. A Zugzwang moment?

Pratima H INDIA: Tea-tasting is not for the faint-hearted. Besides a connoisseur’s palate, a sharp nose, and perhaps an endless appetite for swallowing leaves; one needs a particular trait, in liberal doses at that, in order to be a credible,

Don’t panic about Rs. 500/1000 notes. Banks reassure

INDIA: Yes, it has understandably caught most people in a surprise-surprise way but then PM’s Modi surgical strike on black money with sudden announcements on existing Rs.500 and Rs.1000 denominations getting wiped out, should not be a deer-in-the-headlights moment for the

Getting a loan/Hailing a cab. Which one’s faster?

Pratima H NEW DELHI, INDIA: When someone speaks at almost 300 kmph and still makes every word and thought easy, crisp and engaging to comprehend; you don’t roll your eyes when this very someone says that loans can be dished