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Broadcom withdraws Qualcomm takeover bid after Trump’s order

By : CIOL Writers

Finally, Broadcom has decided to withdraw its takeover bid for Qualcomm after POTUS blocked the deal for security reasons. Trump issued an order where he stated that there is credible evidence that if Broadcom takes over Qualcomm, the company “might

What’s Donald Trump got to do with Broadcom’s Qualcomm takeover?

By : CIOL Writers

Broadcom’s interest in Qualcomm has sparked concerns about national security leading to an executive order blocking any merger of the chipmaking giants. The US President, Donald Trump said in his order that “there is credible evidence” leading him to believe that Broadcom’s control

Qualcomm willing to consider Broadcom’s takeover bid at $160B: Report

By : CIOL Writers

Qualcomm has said that it is willing to consider Broadcom’s takeover bid if the company raises the bid to $160 billion including $25 billion in unassumed debt, as per Financial Times report. This is the first time that Qualcomm has shown

Qualcomm rejects Broadcom’s $121B takeover bid too

By : CIOL Writers

Qualcomm, the largest chipmaker in the world has once again rejected a revised $121 billion takeover bid from Broadcom but offered to meet the Singapore-based firm to discuss the recently increased offer. Broadcom had offered to acquire Qualcomm‘s all outstanding shares

Broadcom to now offer $120B for Qualcomm takeover

By : CIOL Writers

Broadcom has decided to increase its offer for chipmaker Qualcomm to $120 billion from the current $103 billion bid that was put on the table last November, and rejected by Qualcomm. The development was first reported by Reuters. The latest offer

Qualcomm rejects Broadcom’s $105B takeover bid

By : CIOL Writers

Qualcomm has rejected Broadcom’s huge $105 billion takeover bid. The reason for the rejection is that Qualcomm’s board believes that the offer significantly undervalues the company. Broadcom’s offer was for $70 a share- valuing Qualcomm just north of $100 billion. “It

Broadcom acquiring Brocade in a $5.9bn deal, but to sell IP Networking biz including Ruckus

Semiconductor major, Broadcom will acquire Brocade, a leader in Fibre Channel storage area network (FC SAN) switching and IP networking, for approximately $5.5 billion in cash and assuming $0.4 billion of its net debt. Broadcom plans to divest Brocade’s IP Networking