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Botnet activity in H1 2018: Multifunctional bots becoming more widespread

By : CIOL Bureau

Kaspersky Lab researchers have published a report on botnet activity in the first half of 2018, analyzing more than 150 malware families and their modifications circulating through 600,000 botnets around the world. One of the most remarkable things uncovered by

Skimming the Week: Apple digs its feet in, Yahoo shuffles, Microsoft recoils

THE last few days have been all about some marquee players in tech industry, albeit with

GoI floats tenders for Rs 100 crore botnet cleaning and malware analysis centre

Soma Tah BENGALURU, INDIA: The Government of India has floated tenders inviting technology and facilitation partners

Botnet affliction still a major cause of worry for India

NEW DELHI, INDIA: India is the No. 1 host country of Botnet-related malware in Asia and

Bitcoins and Home Routers – the new chinks in security armor?

MUMBAI, INDIA: As wearable technology becomes more widespread in the next year, expect to see the first

Fresh attack at Ramnit botnet from Europol and Symantec

INDIA: In a latest update, a law enforcement operation led by Europol, with assistance from Symantec,