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Avast Appoints Shane McNamee as Chief Privacy Officer

By : CIOL Bureau

Avast is a global leader in digital security and privacy products. The company, today, has announced the appointment of Shane McNamee as Chief Privacy Officer. McNamee will oversee Avast’s global privacy strategy and drive the company’s privacy-by-design approach. Talking about

2020 Prediction: Mobile Scams, Sophisticated Malspam, IoT Malware and Botnets

By : CIOL Bureau

Avast announced its cybersecurity predictions for 2020 in its annual Threat Landscape Report. Avast Threat Experts anticipate the following security trends for 2020: In how PC malware is delivered Avast’s Head of the Threat Intelligence Systems, Jakub Kroustek, expects advancements

Flashlight Apps on Google Play Requesting Up to 77 Permissions

By : CIOL Bureau

Avast has found that Android flashlight applications request an average of 25 permissions. Using apklab.io, Avast’s mobile threat intelligence platform, Avast analyzed the permissions requested by 937 flashlight apps that either once made it onto the Google Play Store or

Avast Discovers Security Flaws in Widespread GPS Trackers Exposing Locations of Over Half a Million Children and Elderly

By : CIOL Bureau

Avast has discovered serious security vulnerabilities in the T8 Mini GPS tracker and nearly 30 other models by the same manufacturer, Shenzhen i365 Tech. Marketed to keep kids, seniors, pets, and even possessions safe, instead these devices expose all data

Avast Detects and Protects Users from Multi-Functional Malware Targeting WordPress Site Administrators and Cryptocurrency Owners

By : CIOL Bureau

Avast has protected more than 253,000 users in the last year, from Clipsa. Clipsa is a multi-functional password stealer, written in Visual Basic, that brute-forces and steals administrator credentials from unsecured WordPress websites, steals cryptocurrencies, and mines cryptocurrencies on infected

Avast Secure Browser boosts PC performance by using less memory

By : CIOL Bureau

Avast has introduced built-in performance and battery-saving enhancements in the latest release of Avast Secure Browser, code-named ‘Zermatt’. Memory benchmarking tests* show the new browser controls reduce CPU and RAM demand by up to 50%, and also prolong battery life

Stanford University and Avast research shows that connected devices are now prevalent in nearly 40% households across the globe

By : CIOL Bureau

Avast in collaboration with Stanford University has uncovered that about 40 per cent of households across the globe now contains at least one IoT device. In North America, that number is almost double, at 66 per cent, bringing with it

Avast PC Trends Report 2019: Over half of PC applications are out-of-date, putting users at risk

By : CIOL Bureau

Avast revealed that more than half (55%) of PC applications installed worldwide are out-of-date, making PC users and their personal data vulnerable to security risks. Avast’s PC Trends Report 2019 found that users are making themselves vulnerable to hackers by

Avast Highlights the Threat Landscape for 2019

By : CIOL Bureau

Avast announced the launch of its annual Threat Landscape Report, detailing the biggest security trends facing consumers in 2019 as collected by the Avast Threat Labs team. The Avast Threat Labs team sees roughly one million new files a day

Avast and Wind Tre Join Forces to Provide Parental Control Apps to Families in Italy

By : CIOL Bureau

Avast announced the market launch of the new WIND FAMILY PROTECT application in Italy. Avast and Wind Tre, a top Italian mobile operator and among the main operators in the fixed-line market, partnered to create a simple and effective app

Avast Research Finds at least 32,000 Smart Homes and Businesses at Risk of Leaking Data

By : CIOL Bureau

New research from Avast found more than 49,000 Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) servers publicly visible on the internet due to a misconfigured MQTT protocol. This includes more than 32,000 (595 from India) servers with no password protection, putting them

Poor router security is making Indians vulnerable to cyberattacks

By : CIOL Bureau

New research from Avast, the global leader in digital security, reveals that 32% of Indians have never logged into the web administration interface to change the factory login credentials. Another concerning finding is that nearly one fourth (23%) of Indians

Avast acquires Czech-based antivirus software maker AVG

By : CIOL Writers

Antivirus application Avast is acquiring one of it’s biggest rivals, AVG Technologies, for $1.3 billion in cash.The deal is aimed at gaining scale and geographical breadth, Avast said. It also wants to build out its security offerings with an eye