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Snapchat joins the Bluetooth SIG, may be working on AR hardware

By : CIOL Writers

Snapchat has joined the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), adding weight to the rumors that the social networking platform is set to enter the augmented reality (AR) field, reports The Financial Times. The SIG industry association upholds the Bluetooth wireless

Axis Bank users can grab bank offers in Pokemon Go-way now!

Pokemon Go craze has shown the possibilities of Augmented Reality(AR) for the gaming industry. But can it be a game changer for banks too- for e.g. in terms of improving service delivery and simplifying the user experience? Axis bank has found

Can Augmented Reality turn around Apple’s fortune?

By : CIOL Writers

Apple’s dwindling fortune sees no respite as iPhone sales declined for the second straight quarter but the tech titan believes or maybe want us/investors to believe that the company will soon get back on track with its ‘work in progress’

NEC’s tech can now turn your arm into a virtual keyboard

BANGALORE, INDIA: In recent years, smart glasses have been introduced that enable users to perform operations at sites without using their hands, the things we used to see in sci-fi films only. But NEC has turned some of those sci-fi

Beer enthusiasts ‘know your beer’ when you are at The Beer Café!

So many beers, so little time! With the largest collection of beers- over 50 different varieties from 17 countries under one roof, wouldn’t it be amazing if you were able to know everything about the brew you’re having at The

Biggest science and tech predictions for the coming decade

By : CIOL Writers

My six year old nephew talks about robots and gadgets like a pro. Even at this age he has an idea about VR and AR and often talks about computer intelligence and machine learning. Technology has changed everything around us.

Pepperfry app will let users place furnitures virtually in their rooms

BANGALORE, INDIA: Online shoppers often struggle with questions related to product display, e.g. how will an online product will fit inside their homes – both physically and aesthetically. The online seller of furniture and home decor products, Pepperfry.com’s mobile app will now addresses these specific  consumer

Windows 10 and Hololens could have a 3D spin soon

INDIA: In two separate but related efforts to advance the future of digital and physical creation, Autodesk,