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Why Augmented Reality Will Transform This Year?

By : CIOL Bureau

The AR industry is gaining more and more traction as the apps most commonly associated with AR continue to surpass expectations. Not many analysts predicted that Pokemon Go would still be the premier AR gaming experience and that major companies

4 Things Every Marketer Must Know About AR

By : CIOL Bureau

Every leader in the tech world has been talking about AR (Augmented Reality) a lot in recent times. It has become a buzzword, and you can see it being mentioned almost everywhere. If you are not a tech expert, you

AR (Augmented Reality): Trends and Future Developments 2020

By : CIOL Bureau 1

Just as mobile devices have changed how people live and work over the past 12 years, so too will AR (augmented reality) in the not too distant future. The AR market was estimated to be $3.5 billion in 2017, nearly

Unity Technologies partners with PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry to inspire AR/VR adoption in Defense & PSU Sectors

By : CIOL Bureau

Unity Technologies announced that it has partnered with PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry to create and conduct sessions for industry stakeholders and enterprises on identifying opportunities in AR/VR. The comprehensive sessions will enable the enterprises to discover how AR/VR

100 Million Consumers Will Shop in Augmented Reality Online and In-Store by 2020: Gartner

By : CIOL Bureau

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have the potential to shake up the customer experience by individualizing retailers’ offers and enabling customers to visualize products in different settings. By 2020, 100 million consumers will shop in AR online and

Augmented Reality Is the Future of Mobile Gaming

By : CIOL Bureau

Augmented reality is already augmenting the mobile gaming market. Since its introduction to the tech consumer market, augmented reality has performed at a high level and beaten estimates every time. Referred to in conjunction with VR often, AR is a

Samsung Opera House at Bangalore will let users play and explore more with its products

BANGALORE, INDIA: Samsung aims to create a better technology product for tomorrow based on a deep understanding of what people need and want and hence focusing a lot on local innovation requirements. A recent survey in the city commissioned by Samsung,

ITC Infotech, PTC collaborate to offer AR solutions to the enterprises

BANGALORE, INDIA: ITC Infotech said it is collaborating PTC to offer Augmented Reality solutions using PTC’s Augmented Reality(AR) platform Vuforia. AR bridges the digital and physical worlds to create value across an enterprise and is emerging as one of the most

Apps using AI, AR to ease financial services adoption barriers for women

NEW DELHI, INDIA: To overcome the barriers to financial services adoption among women and other low-income populations in India, Accenture and Grameen Foundation India have collaborated to develop two new applications. “Access to financial services gives women greater control over

Bose unveils AR glasses that make use of sound instead of vision

By : CIOL Writers

A lot of Augmented Reality based glasses are specifically designed to overlay digital objects and information on top of the real world. However, sidestepping that theory, Bose, the headphone maker has unveiled AR glasses that makes use of sound over

This AR-based gaming app gives kids a real-world petting experience

By : CIOL Writers

Always wanted your kid to have a pet? But, then it is not always realistic to manage a real one. We understand, so here’s an AR-based gaming app that gives your kids a real-world petting experience. It is developed by

Google launches ARCore 1.0, available for more than 100M Android smartphones

By : CIOL Writers

Google launched its augmented reality platform ARCore 1.0 to the public, with the platform being available for more than 100 million smartphones. ARCore 1.0 includes support for anchoring virtual objects to any textured surface, not just flat, horizontal ones. ARCore allows developers

A new patent sheds more light on Apple’s AR/VR ambitions

By : CIOL Writers

While Apple’s AR/VR ambitions are no secret, the company has revealed little about its project under development. Thanks to a new patent application, from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, we finally have some crucial bits about what’s cooking at

Twitter’s director of AR/VR, Alessandro Sabatelli calls it quits

By : CIOL Writers

Twitter’s director of AR/VR, Alessandro Sabatelli is leaving the company after 18 months of service. After three and a half years I’m moving on from Twitter (actual elapsed time 18 months). It’s been an incredible ride and I’ve had the great

Facebook poaches Google’s AR product director Nikhil Chandhok

By : CIOL Writers

Google’s director of Product for AR, Nikhil Chandhok is joining Facebook to lead product management of the Camera team working on augmented reality. Chandhok worked on Google’s ARCore smartphone augmented reality platform as well as its Daydream VR platform in his

Dell partners AR headset maker Meta to sell Meta 2 AR development kit

By : CIOL Writers

Dell has announced to sell the Meta 2 Augmented Reality Development Kit. The AR development kit will be available on Dell.com from February 15 for $1,495. Joe Mikhail, Chief Revenue Officer, Meta, said, “We’re very excited for this partnership with Dell.

Accenture acquiring 3D and immersive content producer Mackevision

INDIA: Accenture has entered into an agreement to acquire Germany-based Mackevision, a global producer of 3D-enabled and immersive product content. Mackevision has earned international acclaim for its work on the HBO Series “Game of Thrones” – for which it was awarded an Emmy for

Mapbox acquires AR activity tracking app Fitness AR

By : CIOL Writers

Open-source mapping platform Mapbox has acquired activity tracking app Fitness AR. Mapbox will continue to deliver updates to the app, which has since gone free in the App Store. Launched this past September, Fitness AR was the first mapping AR app, allowing Strava users

Reliance Games partners GoPhygital to develop AR and VR-based games

MUMBAI, INDIA: Reliance Games, a part of Reliance Entertainment – Digital, the digital entertainment focused business of the Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (ADAG), today announced its foray into the fast growing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality space by announcing its

Apple acquires AR startup Vrvana for $30M

By : CIOL Writers

Apple recently acquired an augmented reality-based startup called Vrvana, reports TechCrunch. The deal was reported to be around $30 million. Vrvana created mixed-reality headset named Totem, but it never released. The headset was designed to merge AR and virtual reality