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Post-Slack Offices: Part 2

Pratima H INDIA: In the first part, we tried to get over the shock of finding

A 7” heel on the treadmill! Post-Slack Offices arriving?

Pratima H INDIA: No matter how ‘in’ it is out there, or if it’s the exact

Slack’s not bugging, Email’s going like cockroaches – Ryver’s Ready

By : Pratima Harigunani

Pratima H SCOTTSDALE, USA: At the funeral of the much-beloved water-cooler, some came to pay their

Mudra Bank develops mobile app using Appzillon

CHENNAI, INDIA: Mudra Bank has chosen i-exceed’s Appzillon to extend their services across mobile platforms. Appzillon is an omni-channel application development platform that helps organizations worldwide in their digital initiatives. Micro Units Development & Refinance Agency Ltd (Mudra) was set

Tech This Week: Crashes of all sorts

INDIA: Apple and Spotify are at it this time. The skirmish has begun. And so have many questions that surround how the app and app-store landscape is changing swiftly. When Spotify pointed a finger at Apple for restraining an update

Uber’s app to trackdriving behavior with real time feedback

By : CIOL Writers

Uber has developed a new technology to track when drivers of the ride-hailing app go too fast, cut corners or brake harshly by monitoring the sensors in their smartphones. The software, part of an updated version of Uber’s app for

TraffickCam: An app to locate the victims of sex-trafficking

By : CIOL Writers

I know you don’t want another app in your already jammed phone and neither am I asking you to do so. All I would like you to do is to have a look at this new app called TraffickCam and

Google is now better equipped to answer your medical queries

USA: Google is working on to improve its mobile search app to help people find answers on their health-related queries. People often googles to know the causes of a mild headache, and the information overload on the web, often leads

A delay in s/w update? The Cybercriminal’s happy

INDIA:  The failure of users to regularly implement essential software updates to some 21 mobile apps raises the possibility that older versions could be commandeered for malicious activity. Yes, Intel Security released its McAfee Labs Threats Report: June 2016, which explains

An app to compare cost of living in major APAC cities

BANGALORE, INDIA: Despite being the most populous and wealthiest city in India with the highest number of millionaires and billionaires, Mumbai is 53% less expensive below the APAC average. In Mumbai, secondary and higher education is 68% less expensive than the

Xerox pilots new app to help commuters with cheap & faster travel modes

BANGALORE, INDIA: Building on the Go LA and Go Denver pilots currently underway in the U.S., Xerox Research Centre India (XRCI) is piloting the Go Bengaluru app which will help the commuters choose the cheaper, faster and more sustainable travel

Beer enthusiasts ‘know your beer’ when you are at The Beer Café!

So many beers, so little time! With the largest collection of beers- over 50 different varieties from 17 countries under one roof, wouldn’t it be amazing if you were able to know everything about the brew you’re having at The

Under-18 teens to be barred from Tinder

Tinder will stop services for the users under the age of 18 starting next week, according to a statement from Tinder VP of Communications Rosette Pambakian. This comes on the heels of the announcement last week by Tinder CEO Sean

Your phone can predict your future

By : CIOL Writers

Believe it or not, that horoscope section in the newspaper is a big draw amongst the readers. And it’s not just the “others” who are interested in it. Let’s just face it, we are curious about astrology, tarot reading et

Age no bar for entrepreneurs, meet Kumaran brothers

By : CIOL Writers

Entrepreneurship has no age, and the current generation has proved it with all conviction. Forget under-30 or under-20 business leaders, there are entrepreneurs as young as 8 years nowadays. Leading the list of what you might call “infant” entrepreneurs are

If This Then That: Internet’s best productivity tool

By : CIOL Writers

Anushka Bhartiya thought of using her laptop for a change to download some songs. When she logged in, she was aghast to find that an unknown hand was already at it, accessing the desktop and other apps. It was her

Blood, Ink or HTML5: Part Two

By : Pratima Harigunani

INDIA: In part one of the story, we covered a lot of ground on HTML5, but some potholes and landmines still remain. Secure-ity- A tough spelling Are there any code-exposure vulnerabilities making the chore easy for hackers with HTML5 applications,

How OTP is helping the app economy?

Sandeep Ganguly Smartphones were invented to make our lives easier. We use these devices for multiple purposes like making calls, sending messages, social networking, playing games, listening to music, etc. Your smartphone is also likely to contain your personal photographs,

Tinder-HaikuJAM for Love: A successful digital campaign

By : CIOL Writers

“I wrote my first line It tweaked at me in the second With third I was a poet” Love and poetry vein out from the same source- our heart and they cannot be anything but pure. International Haiku Poetry Day

API Management: Why Combs are Passe?

By : Pratima Harigunani

Pratima H MUMBAI, INDIA: One thing that hangs in the air long after Batman and Superman have finished all the hulking fist fights, earth-shaking thuds and high-definition wrestling is this: How on the earth (yes, on Krypton such things may