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Building India as a Financial Superpower with Embedded Banking

By : CIOL Bureau

Fintech in India has seen an exponential rise in the last few years. The Government’s sustained efforts to drive and adopt digital transactions have enabled the growth of financial inclusion at a rapid rate. We have evolved from a time

Top 5 technologies that will transform the Fintech sector

As remote operations and contactless procedures are becoming the new normal, the Fintech sector has been experiencing a rising hunger towards moving to a 100% digital implementation of nearly all financial products and services. It has also accelerated the demand

API (Application Program Interface) in Trade Finance Explained

By : CIOL Bureau

APIs are the miracle connectors that make a lot of things work in the world that we live in today. For example, when your taxi booking app wants to know what the traffic conditions are, the app can call a

Role of API in the world of Global Trade Finance

By : Sunil Rajguru

Tim Nicolle, Founder and CEO, PrimaDollar, says that Application Program Interfaces are only really effective if products can be standardised and kept simple. The main challenge in global trade has been how to simplify trade finance so that it is

How are Apple and Google teaming up to make COVID-19 contact tracking tech? Latest details inside.

By : CIOL Bureau

In his earlier announcement, Sundar Pichai said that Apple and Google are going to work together. They will build a contact tracing app against COVID-19. The blog reveals that the app will use Bluetooth technology. They will roll out the

Google opens up Maps so developers can build their own games

By : CIOL Writers

The augmented reality gaming market is about to change forever, as Google is opening its Maps API to allow developers to build more location-based games like Nintendo’s Pokemon Go. The Maps API will help developers to more easily create gameplay

Google is shutting down its QPX Express flight search API

By : CIOL Writers

Google has announced that it is shutting down the developer access to a feed that automates data for airfare search engines. This move could severely affect the third party travel sites. The company has posted a notice on its FAQ page for

Indian developers more keen to work on microservices, chatbots and APIs, finds Oracle  

BANGALORE, INDIA: Oracle sees a very vibrant and active software development scenario in India, with developers working on all spectrums of technology. In particular, Oracle finds there’s more developer appetite for cutting edge technologies such as Containers, Chatbots etc. for building

Facebook Live to support 360-degree videos by early 2017

By : CIOL Writers

Facebook is doing everything it can to beef up video content on its platform. The social networking giant that often says that video content is the future of the Internet is making yet another move to let people engage more

Unocoin releases API for Bitcoin wallets

BANGALORE, INDIA: India’s popular bitcoin company, Unocoin has implemented its first-ever, easy-to-access Application Programming Interface (API) allowing companies from around the world to access the world’s largest potential market for Bitcoin. Unocoin’s API allows individuals and companies in India to

Wipro launches open banking API platform to help BFSI clients enhance digital offerings

BANGALORE, INDIA: Wipro has launched its Open Banking API (Application Programming Interface) Platform. The Open API platform, will enable banks and financial institutions to launch Open Banking initiatives and create new forms of distribution channels and servicing capabilities, provide access to

Google to acquire API technology & services provider Apigee

By : CIOL Writers

Google has announced that it will acquire Apigee, the API technology and services provider for enterprises and developers, to further strengthen its cloud offerings. Founded in 2004 by Raj Singh, Apigee is based out of Palo Alto. The transaction is

Yes Bank is all ready to say Yes to UPI

MUMBAI, INDIA: Yes Bank has commenced what it calls, a first-of-its-kind Unified Payments Interface (UPI) services by

Google Play services v9.2: Text API, facial detection & more

By : CIOL Writers

Computer vision is slowly but steadily getting merged into smartphones. Object recognition might not have hit

Blizzard games to be part of Facebook’s live API

By : CIOL Writers

Blizzard Entertainment is working with Facebook to implement Facebook’s Live API into its current slate of

API Management: Why Combs are Passe?

By : Pratima Harigunani

Pratima H MUMBAI, INDIA: One thing that hangs in the air long after Batman and Superman

Uber aims to let users do more during rides

BANGALORE, INDIA: What if developers could also offer users of their apps new ways to enjoy

Yes Bank adopts IBM API management solution

BANGALORE, INDIA: Yes Bank has implemented an IBM API Management solution to provide an enhanced digital

Indix is offering free trials of APIs

BENGALURU, INDIA: Indix, the cloud-based product intelligence company that provides analytics and insights for brands, retailers

What makes Yahoo keen on SSL pinning?

LAS VEGAS, USA: Yahoo is joining hands with Data Theorem, a provider in mobile app security,