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Former Tableau CEO Adam Selipsky to lead AWS replacing Andy Jassy

By : Laxitha Mundhra

As Andy Jassy is set to exit Amazon Web Services to lead Amazon as Group CEO, Adam Selipsky will lead AWS as the new CEO. The news became public on Tuesday when the e-commerce giant announced that they have brought back

Amazon’s big transition: Why is Jeff Bezos stepping down as CEO?

By : CIOL Bureau

This is the biggest tech news of the year yet. Only Facebook, of the FAAMG companies, will still be run by its founder. Thus, naturally, it makes everyone wonder why has Jeff Bezos suddenly decided to step down. In fact,

Andy Jassy to replace Jeff Bezos as Amazon Inc CEO in Q3 of 2021

By : CIOL Bureau

Jeff Bezos, in a letter to employees [and a blog post], stated on Tuesday that he will transition to the Executive Chair of Amazon. In his stead, Andy Jassy will become the CEO of Amazon Inc. “This isn’t about retiring,” he