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Keep your Aadhaar Card always updated in these 5 simple steps

By : CIOL Bureau 1

Aadhaar is an important identity and address proof documents across the nation. It is a 12-Digit ID from UIDAI. Aadhaar card comes in handy in many important tasks. Therefore, it is very important to update the correct details. The details can

IT Job 2020: UIDAI (Aadhar) is hiring for the post of Senior System Analyst for New Delhi location

By : CIOL Bureau

NISG (National Institute for Smart Government) is Hiring for the position of Senior System Analyst in Aadhar. It is an IT job position. NISG is a not-for-profit company set up in a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) in 2002. It is set up

India Leads the Global Tech Discourse with Aadhar

By : CIOL Bureau

Speaking at session on ‘India 4.0 Making technology work for all’, Mr Galpin said: “India has led the world with technology enabled governance such as its unique ID scheme (Aadhar) which has transformed the way the country transfers welfare benefits