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ZTE launches world’s first 5G-ready smartphone at MWC’17

By : CIOL Writers

Chinese telecom company ZTE unveiled what it said is the world’s first smartphone compatible with the lightening-fast 5G mobile Internet service called the ‘Gigabit phone’ at MWC on Sunday. According to the company, the smartphone is capable of download speeds reaching up

MWC 2017: Samsung unveils 5G router for homes

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The glorious Mobile World Congress 2017 is here, an event full of delight for the tech lovers. Taking the centre stage, Samsung, on Sunday unveiled Galaxy Book and the Galaxy Tab S3, along with an update for its Gear VR. Apparently,

Nokia and Intel built acceleration labs to make 5G a commercial reality

FINLAND: Nokia and Intel has opened two 5G solutions labs to test and accelerate the commercial readiness of the new wireless technology. In her official blog, Aicha Evans, senior vice president and general manager of the Communication and Devices Group

Part 2: ”In a few years mobile networks will look more like the Apple app store”

Ibrahim Ahmad Christian Hedelin, VP & Head of Strategy, Network Products at Ericsson shares details on how the company will make their way in India’s mobile networks, and what are some of the network innovations that the company is working

Part 1: “We are working on cost-efficient evolution from 4G to 5G”

Ibrahim Ahmad Christian Hedelin, VP & Head of Strategy, Network Products at Ericsson shares his views on 5G, how they will make their way in India’s mobile networks, and what are some of the network innovations that his company is

Global mobile data traffic will increase seven-fold to reach 587 exabytes by 2021: Cisco

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With the burgeoning growth of mobile phones and usage of 4G, global mobile data traffic is expected to increase seven-fold from 2016 to 2021, according to Cisco’s Mobile Visual Networking Index forecast. According to Cisco, by 2021 more members of

Intel announces world’s first Global 5G Modem, AT&T too unveiled its 5G evolution plans

By : CIOL Writers

Following Qualcomm’s announcement last year, Intel at CES 2017, has unveiled a 5G modem, codenamed ‘Goldridge’. “5G will enable billions of ‘things’ to become smart through seamless connectivity, massive computing power and access to rich data and analytics stored at

Nokia demos how IoT & 5G unleash new possibilities in smart cities

BANGALORE, INDIA: Nokia at its annual Bangalore Innovation Day today demonstrated how it is making IoT a reality for smart cities, by combining automation and intelligence with its stack of the connectivity solutions, platforms and software. With a few innovative

NI showcases innovations that meet real-world engineering challenges for IoT & 5G

BANGALORE, INDIA: At its annual conference on graphical system design NIDays this week in Bangalore, NI India showcased the newly added products to its list of existing tools aimed at accelerating the productivity of engineers and researchers working in the areas of IoT, 5G, industrial automation,

Nokia acquires energy solution provider ETA devices

By : CIOL Writers

Nokia has acquired US-based private startup ETA Devices, to enhance its 5G capabilities and technology. With this acquisition, the company hopes to deploy the tech to bolster its own systems. ETA devices, that aims to improve the efficiency of the

Soon 5G Will Be The New Reality

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The hottest news of Mobile World Congress’2016 is 5G. The buzzing 5G could potentially serve 10 to 100 times faster than today’s LTE.  Though there is no single 5G standard yet, but corporations from AT &T and Verizon to Ericson,

5G will create new use cases related to IoT: Ericsson

NEW DELHI, INDIA: South Korea, Japan, China and the US will  lead with the first, and fastest, 5G subscription uptake, forecasts the recent Ericsson Mobility Report. 150 million 5G mobile subscriptions have been forecast by 2021 in the report. 5G

Nokia demos 5G readiness; launches security solutions to protect SS7 protocol

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Nokia Networks has unveiled a programmable 5G architecture that overcomes the rigidity of legacy networks. The architecture automatically adapts radio access and core network resources to meet the needs of different services, traffic variations over time and

Telecom majors join forces to speed up 5G development

PARIS, FRANCE: A group of 16 players in the field of telecommunications are joining forces to advance the development of a new air interface below 6 GHz for 5G networks. The “FANTASTIC-5G” project will focus on boosting capacity, increasing flexibility

Users to soon get 5G connectivity

Paris, France: Bell Labs, the industrial research arm of Alcatel-Lucent has become a research partner of the Technische Universität Dresden’s 5G Lab Germany to develop and test technologies that will help to define the capability of 5G connectivity in mobile

NI invests in 5G research, promotes collaborative projects

BANGALORE, INDIA: NI has announced the opening of the new Wireless Innovation Lab at its Austin headquarters. In the lab, NI supports ongoing collaborations with top academic and industry research groups participating in its RF/Communications Lead User program. Researchers at

Spectrums, Networks, IoT – Are we barking up the wrong pipe?

By Pratima H INDIA: Being up to date with Telco slang was all about knowing who’s

5G wireless technologies gain momentum in MWC ’15

BARCELONA, SPAIN: TCL Communication Technology Holdings Limited the Alcatel Onetouch Brand Owner,  and French chipmaker Sequans Communications

‘Viral innovation’ to bring industrial revolution?

BANGALORE, INDIA: NI has released NI Trend Watch 2015 report. The second annual report examines topics –

NI eases wireless prototyping constraints for SDR

BANGALORE, INDIA: NI announced the LabVIEW Communications System Design Suite, which combines software defined radio (SDR)