Synergy’s On-site fuel delivery service “FillNow” extended to Delhi-NCR Region, also introduces Biodiesel fuel “Synergy Green Diesel”

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Following the successful launch of its Automated on-site fuel delivery Service in Faridabad & Gurgaon, Synergy Teletech Pvt. Ltd, announced the launch of its Fuel Delivery Service FillNow & its revolutionary green Biodiesel Fuel – Synergy Green Diesel in Noida and NCR region.

Founded by Prasan Surana and Navneet Agarwal, Synergy Teletech Private Limited has pioneered the concept of Automated Door Delivery of Fuel in India. Their company with brands FillNow & Synergy Green Diesel, are already popular in the industry. Prasan is an oil industry veteran and has more than a decade of experience in automation and on-site delivery of fuels.

Speaking on the launch, Prasan Surana said, “Non transport fuel consumers in India follow a traditional concept of purchasing fuel, where they buy fuel in Barrels & Jerry Cans from Petroleum Retail Outletsand transport them unreliably to consumption points. Hence it becomes difficult for an owner to ascertain the Quality & Quantity of fuel delivered in his absence. During my tenure with one of the leading oil companies, I realised this need-gap and founded Synergy Teletech. We started our pilot project with our trademark brands in various areas and after successful operations, we are now launching our fuel delivery service, FillNow in Noida and NCR region. Our customers are only from B2B segment –MSMEs, Hotels, RWAs, Office Complex, Construction Sites, Telecom Towers etc.

All our deliveries are fully automated and every drop of fuel delivered by our refueller is accounted for, so customers are billed only for what is delivered.Our professional service will protect consumers from a number of problems, such as oil spills, accidents, theft and pilferage, corruption and difficulty in the reconciliation of quality and quantity of fuel delivered.”

Adding on the environmental benefits of Synergy Green Diesel, Prasan, said, “Current environment is severely impacted by burning of diesel. AQI, especially in NCR, is deteriorating considerably, its high time one must take onus and start using alternate clean fuels like Biodiesel, at least in non-transport sector.Interestingly, there was no alternative available for consumers. Anticipating the strong demand for this, we launched “Synergy Green Diesel” which is a distilled grade Biodiesel and can be used in existing diesel engines without any modification.OurBio-Diesel has been very successful in the areas we have test-piloted it and we are very sure, consumers in Noida and NCR region won’t ask for traditional diesel again, once they start using our product. In addition to being cleaner, Synergy Green Diesel is easy on customers pocket and is way cheaper than normal diesel, which helps small businesses save money.”

Synergy Bio-Diesel Fuel

Synergy Green Diesel is a revolutionary distilled grade advanced Bio Diesel made from variety of feedstock, such as Tallow, Used Cooking Oil, Acid Oils, etc. It can be used in its pure form (B100) as a substitute of Regular Diesel in existing Diesel engines. No modification is required on the engines to switch over from Diesel to Synergy Green Diesel. After successful trial of its fuel Synergy Green Diesel, company has launched delivering its product at full pace for B2B segment –MSMEs, Hotels, RWA, Office Complex, Construction Sites etc. The company has setup a Storage depot in Faridabad has started operations in Faridabad & Gurgaon and very soon to start in Noida, Ghaziabad, Bhiwadi, Sonipat and New Delhi. The company is looking forward to expanding its reach in major industrial hubs of the country by installing its storage depots and deploying small automated delivery vehicles.

Recently, Synergy Teletech Private Limited has also been incubated by IIM – C, one of the most premier institutions in the country, and has also granted seed funding from the corpus of Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India. The company also keen to invest heavily on R&D and envisage setting several multi feedstock based Bio Fuel Plant in India within 5 years of operation.

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  1. Jayesh
    #1 Jayesh 13 July, 2019, 03:50

    Great initiative and this will helpful for the environment and minimize the dependency on traditional fuel system.

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