Symphony to spread wings with ISO certification

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BANGALORE, INDIA: Symphony Services, a leader in global product engineering services, has reached a critical milestone of recognition for being the first product engineering services company to be awarded the ISO 20000 certification.


The company, which has been the leader in outsourced engineering product space for the last five years, has registered a robust year-on-year growth of 40-45 percent. From strategic consulting guidance to complete product lifecycle capabilities, Symphony is distinguished by a singular focus on product development and collaborative, end-to-end solutions.

Amitava Roy, president, Symphony Services How important is the ISO 20000 certification for Symphony? “The ISO 20000 certification offers significant opportunities for us to tap into broader markets and scale our client engagements,” says Amitava Roy, president, Symphony Services. 

Symphony’s business is divided into: ISV area (enterprise applications, ERP, CRM etc.), retail and financial services, service for enterprise technology, covering storage, systems management and security. The company also entered the embedded and telecom space 18 months ago and started its Marketing Services division last year.


“Our objective is to provide end-to-end service to ISVs. In addition to developing and re-architecting the product, we also offer customized services and host the product. This is a unique proposition in the product engineering services space,” he adds.

Adding further on the Impact of the ISO 20000 Certification for software services companies, Roy says: “The ISO certification helps greatly from the SaaS implementation perspective. It lets you carry out a methodical approach to the infrastructure and services you provide. We look at an integrated philosophy of being a partner to our customer."

Roy adds that software-enabled companies come up with specialized services for communities. And, Symphony brings domain expertise and deep commercial-grade software and embedded real-time systems capabilities to software vendors, software-enabled businesses and companies whose products contain embedded software.

In the enterprise application area, Symphony is focused on solutions in retail and financial services space. “Since 96 percent of these businesses are outside India, the customers want a solution to address their specific pain point,” says Roy. “We are very much aligned with the customer with domain specific applications. This covers enterprises of all sizes: large to small and medium. Symphony provides a customized platform to SMBs as well.”

“Within India, we are selectively increasing the base by offering solutions to companies dealing with medical instrumentation, engineering service area, PLM, PDM, data management and so on. We want to expand this in the next few years,” says Roy.