Symantec intros strategies against cyber attacks

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MUMBAI, INDIA: Global security solutions provider Symantec Corporation will Thursday unveil strategies to enable enterprises to secure their data from cyber attacks.


Symantec worldwide sales executive Bill Robbins will unfold the strategy at the US-based company's premium technology conference here.

"Robbins will examine the critical shift from infrastructure-centric to information-centric computing and discuss what such a paradigm shift would mean to enterprises and organsiations," Symantec Asia vice president Eric Hoh told IANS Wednesday.

The company will also showcase its latest technologies, ranging from effective management of large data centres and cloud computing to security and storage softwares.


"The solution involves a fundamental shift in how we approach the connected world beyond the systems to protect and manage data or information irrespective of the device, location and infrastructure," Hoh said.

Symantec's chief information officer David Thompson will address an event titled ‘The New IT Landscape: a CIO's Perspective' and discuss how chief information officers can manage, take control and leverage technology trends to achieve business objectives.

"For instance, the Stuxnet worm was the first to have a physical, real-world impact, spreading through USB devices and affecting industrial control systems in June. We are likely to see more such sophisticated and complex threats in 2011," Hoh said.


The firm's chief technology officer Mark Bregman will explore how enterprises can leverage innovation to manage the information-centric world.

With information and communication technologies (ICT) emerging as key differentiators, their increasing deployment to enhance productivity across verticals has made cyber security a vital issue, especially for the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sector.

With financial and other sensitive transactions being conducted from a host of offline and online devices, providing security to retain confidence of customers and intermediaries is one of the prime challenges facing the BFSI sector.