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BANGALORE: In a major effort to get together an estimated 6 million Java developers across the world, Sun Microsystems is calling for developers to form the Java community. It is using its website, as the interface.


“We do have a good support system for developers. But it was a one-way interaction. Sun posts something on the web and the developer community would come and have a look at it. It has been very popular, as the web site gets about one million-page view per day. We want it to be a two-way interactive service. Hence we are calling developers across the world and making a membership accessibility absolutely free of cost,” said Matt Thompson, Group Manager, technology Evangelism, Sun Microsystems Inc.

A non-membership accessibility is also provided for individuals to come and just view the information. However they would not be provided with an early access developer tools, which would only be extended for the registered members.

“There is the evangcentral site and multifarious developer forums that are offering good support. But the new Sun Developer Network, would be a totally Sun-backed effort with developers authorized by Sun to provide support”, said Srikanth Raju, Evangelist and Staff Engineer for Sun.

The effort has already started. For more details stay tuned to,