Sun completes acquisition of MySQL

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SANTA CLARA, USA: Sun Microsystems, Inc. has has confirmed the acquisition of MySQL AB, developer of the world's most popular open source database.


"Since announcing our Sun-MySQL relationship, we've received an overwhelming response and embrace from customers and community members excited to see MySQL's tremendous innovation and community backed by Sun's financial muscle and global partners," said Jonathan Schwartz, president and chief executive officer, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

He added, "For the first time ever, businesses across the world can standardize on a commercially supported, open source platform that meets their needs for scale, quality and global service."

Sun's new MySQL database is a key component in popular software stacks for building Web 2.0 applications. Its deployment with the Solaris OS, OpenSolaris project and highly complementary systems from Sun delivers powerful end-to-end platforms for customers of all scale, from individual developers to the largest global enterprises.

"As a developer of open source web applications and services that relies heavily on both Sun and MySQL, we believe that the combined companies will better address our IT needs today, tomorrow and beyond," said Joshua Rand, CEO, Sapotek, Inc. "We're confident that the MySQL acquisition will reinforce Sun's commitment to providing hardware, software and services that will save us money in having one integrated, end-to-end platform. The combination of MySQL and Sun provides the community with unlimited possibilities, ensuring the highest level of quality assurance and advanced feature contributions to the world's leading open source initiatives."

More than 100 million copies of MySQL's high-performance, open source database software have been downloaded and distributed in its history and since the announcement of Sun's intent to acquire MySQL, daily downloads have increased from 50,000 to more than 60,000 per day.