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-- Sun Microsystems, Inc.has announced the availability of new services from Sun, in conjunction with its Global System Integrator partners Satyam Computer Services Ltd., Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Wipro Limited, that provide the tools and support for the significant number of customers that want to migrate their proprietary data center environments to the free and open Solaris 10 Operating System (OS).


These services provide Sun customers with a risk free path from any existing operating system to the significant cost savings and advanced features of Solaris 10.

These services give data center customers the ability to understand the total cost associated with operations and optimize their environment for operational efficiency, cost savings and reduced complexity, while providing the opportunity to react quickly as business needs change. In order to eliminate unexpected costs and delays, one of the largest risk areas in any migration, customers will be given a fixed price model based on their migration scenario. They will also be given the opportunity to test their entire solution prior to any full-scale deployments for proof of results with minimal investment.

"Sun has seen overwhelming demand from customers scrambling to move away from proprietary operating systems, such as IBM AIX and HP-UX, to the most advanced operating system on the planet, Solaris 10," said Tom Goguen, Vice President of Software Marketing at Sun Microsystems. "Partnering with some of the world's largest integrators to deliver this program will enable more customers to take advantage of the performance and cost savings available from adopting the most advanced OS on the planet."


Solaris 10's innovative licensing model, new features and extensive platform support means that enterprise customers can experience cost savings almost immediately. Sun's new business analysis services provide enterprise customers with everything they need to compare the platforms -- from environmental assessment to optimization and long-term management of the enterprise operating system. Using the Solaris 10 OS in the data center often helps customers remove layers of complexity and significantly reduce the risk of operations. Customers are relying on Sun's wide range of consolidation services to not only improve operational efficiencies, but also lower costs as the number of independent systems in the data center is reduced.

Wipro is extending its 17-year relationship with Sun to become a global migration partner for the Solaris 10 OS. The open source operating system has advanced features, like ZFS, Solaris Containers, Dynamic Tracing and Predictive Self-Healing make it the ideal choice for enterprises. In addition, Wipro has developed a ROI/TCO tool that helps our customers analyze business value for their Solaris 10 deployments," said Ramesh Emani, President, Product Engineering Solutions, Wipro Technologies. "Wipro's expertise and solutions on Sun Java Enterprise Systems features like Federated Identity Management and SeeBeyond give us the capability to be an end to end service provider for Solaris 10. All of these capabilities, combined with our global delivery model make us the partner of choice for the new enterprise architectures around the Sun platform."

Since introducing Solaris 10 in January 2005, Sun has distributed more than 4 million registered licenses -- at no cost to download. The Solaris OS currently supports more than 500 platforms, providing customers with the ability to take advantage of Solaris 10 on the broadest choice of hardware in the industry.

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