SumTotal to strengthen US army

CIOL Bureau
New Update

BANGALORE: SumTotal Systems, a learning technologies and services provider, today announced that it has been included in a new $483 million contract awarded by the United States Army's Distributed Learning, Education and Training Products (DLETP) program to support and maintain high quality training for all Army troops worldwide.


Under the contract, SumTotal will join a team of product and service providers assembled by Karta Technologies, Inc., a privately held defense contractor, to provide distance learning to troops to meet the constantly changing needs of the Army and the Nation while at war, SumTotal said in a press release.

The DLETP contract makes the SumTotal Enterprise Suite — including TotalLMS, TotalLCMS, TotalVCS (virtual classroom) and other modules -- as well as the ToolBook simulation and content authoring solution, available to the Army to drive a wide variety of solutions designed to get the right training to the right troops at the right time, regardless of their geographic locations.

Karta will create a testing environment that mirrors the SumTotal testing environment currently in use at the Army Training Support Center (ATSC). The ATSC has deployed the SumTotal Enterprise Suite to test content and technology solutions before they are rolled out to troops. Karta will use a similar SumTotal environment as an additional layer of testing to ensure the smooth operation of courseware and training infrastructure before it is delivered to the Army.