Subex Azure unveils Rocware

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BANGALORE: Subex Azure Limited, a vendor of revenue maximization solutions for telecom operators, today unveiled Rocware, an integrated suite of software solutions.


The six solutions that form the Rocware suite have also been re-branded to reinforce the global nature of the company’s business.

This represents the company’s effort to integrate overlapping solution offerings following its acquisition of Azure Solutions Ltd in June 2006, Subex Azure said in a statement.

Sanjeev Gadre, senior director, Marketing, said,  “The new brand identity clearly articulates our vision of the Revenue Operations Center. The company’s sales force and business partners will undergo training to understand the value and strength of the new names.”

Rocware brings together following solutions- Moneta, Nikira, Prevea, Concilia, Symphona and Optima.

Moneta–is a complete revenue-assurance (RA) solution.

Nikira– is a fraud management system in the telecom space.

Prevea – helps telecoms operators quickly assess the liability or risk posed by its customers.

Concilia – enables operators to quickly and accurately settle interconnect agreements with their network partners         

Symphona- enables operators to bill their customers and settle with their partners on a single modular platform.

Optima – provides operators with the tools to manage network cost information supplied by other operators.

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