STL launches new services in Rajasthan

CIOL Bureau
New Update

Anil Sharma


JAIPUR: Shyam Telelink Ltd. (STL), the private telecom service provider in

Rajasthan, has launched two new unique services in the state. The

services-Rainbow virtual telephone (RTV) and Jadu, which the company claims to

have been introduced for the first time in the country.

"The group has a history of bringing new and innovative products and

services to the country. Each year a fixed proportion of the expenditure is

saved for research and development. This amount has been consistently growing

over the years. We wish to be pioneers and innovators", said Saurabh Kakkar

of STL.

Giving details about the products at a press conference, Suneel Vohra,

president of STL said that RTV is a unique service, which brings multi-fold

benefits to the users. It is a voice mail box with a phone number. "You

need not have a physical phone connection to subscribe to the service. You can

receive calls and or messages in your RVT mailbox and retrieve messages dropped

in the mailbox from any phone any where", Vohra said. RVT means the ability

to stay connected at all times at your own convenience with a small registration

fee and monthly fee the customer can be virtually connected, he added.


Highlighting the benefits of RVT, Vohra said that it gives absolute

confidentiality of the messages. It checks messages from any phone anywhere in

the world and gives a number where you are reachable without having a physical


Jadu is essentially a billing optimisation platform, which would help

customers rationalize the expenditure on their Rainbow phones, by selecting the

most appropriate billing plan. Rainbow has always offered a wide variety of

billing plans. Customers through Jadu can select the most economical billing

plan based on his

actual usage pattern. Initially this is applicable for all individual and

corporate subscribers. "This facility would soon be extended to corporate

multiple users. The optimized bills can be seen by going to the Website and using the utility Jadu," Vohra said.