Startups can now get Rs 25 cr funding and free technology

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BANGALORE, INDIA: Accessing technology and financial resources has always been a problem for starups in India. To provide these essentials and entrepreneurial support for deserving young technology companies through a single window, IDG Ventures and Microsoft, today announced a crucial partnership.


The IDG- Microsoft 'Early Stage Funding Program' will provide access for startups to a Microsoft suite of the latest tools and technologies, at no upfront cost under the BizSpark program, and also access to funding of up to Rs. 25 crores by IDG Ventures.

IDG Ventures intends to invest upto Rs 100 crores in startups under this program.

Sudhir Sethi, chairman and MD of IDG Ventures, said that despite the current economic slowdown, the Indian market provides high growth opportunities for young entrepreneurs. Startups, with a good leadership, had a lot of space to grow in the vast domestic market.


“ I foresee a high growth for companies involved in business intelligence and analytics, security and mobile applications in the near future. Further, the introduction of 3G Services will fuel the growth of a new breed of startups,” Sethi added.

Rajan Anandan, managing director, Microsoft India, said that startups will receive the Microsoft suite free of cost under the program, which can be used by them for a period of three years. The Microsoft suite can be used by 25 + employees instantly at a site.

According to him, in the current economic scenario, lack of adequate funding is likely to be a key barrier to success of young technology companies. "We are keen to demonstrate our commitment to the startup community by offering financial resources to deserving young technology companies," he noted.

Startup companies can apply for the Microsoft-IDG Ventures Early State Funding Program on website: