StartUp India invites applications for BudStart Innovation Challenge: Here's everything you need to know

StartUp India invites applications for BudStart Innovation Challenge hosted by AB Inbev Company. Here's everything you need to know.

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StartUp India invites applications for BudStart Innovation Challenge: Here's everything you need to know

Innovation Brewery is an open innovation team of AB InBev, a Bangalore-based beer company. The company has 500+ Brands and sells its product in more than 100 countries. AB InBev has 4 such incubators across the Globe, from which, this Budstart is an Accelerator program of Innovation Brewery with a focus to solve business problems of South Asia Business Unit and Global Operations. In the last 14 months, they have worked with 10 startups and now launched the new batch of 2020 edition.


Who can participate in the event?

There is no participation limit, as stated. They are looking for startups with a market-ready product or solution focusing on cost optimization across finance, technology, supply chain, sustainability, and procurement functions.

The problem statements


The company is looking for sustainable solutions as such.

1. Circular Packaging-- Create value out of by-products generated across brewing supply chain (generated from within/ outside the brewery) For example, dry yeast, spent malt, barley waste, packaging waste.

2. Green logistics-- Using alternate/ renewable energy sources to replace traditional fuel across our supply chain. Ability to quantify carbon footprint savings with these implementations within the firm. For example – EV Trucks in logistics or energy storage at brewery/ smart grid.


3. Procurement Operations-- Identifying processes in procurement operations that can be automated to increase efficiency (Effort tracking for operations - Services), responsible sourcing of our raw materials, vendor due to diligence checks automated

4. Supplier Analysis-- Using analytical solutions that can be deployed to help us manage our suppliers and understand their operations. Do Spend Analysis, Tracking, Forecasting & Cost Modelling, have market intelligence and help category managers in their efforts to streamline their go market strategies

5. Smart Agriculture--- Focus on environmental management including irrigation efficiency/ soil management (pest & disease management. Read out the sustainability 2025 goals of AB InBev on our homepage for more details.


Timeline for the Innovation Brewery BudStart Challenge

Applications have started from 26 June 2020. The last date to apply is August 31. Results will come out 30 September 2020.

Prizes in the Innovation Brewery BudStart Challenge


The program will offer:

- Support to improve your Product / Solution Maturity to Enterprise Grade

- Platform – Global Scale-Up (Within ABI & Outside)


- Paid POC

- Co-working Space

- Mentoring ( Functional, Technical, Legal )


- Strategic Investment Opportunity

How to register?

You can register here.