Supervity: Leading AI-Powered Knowledge Augmentation and Automation

Discover Supervity's market focus and the impact of AI Coach and AI Agents with Vijay Navaluri. Exclusive on CIOL. Read here the detailed interview.

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Supervity is a personalized AI coaching platform designed to empower individuals to swiftly acquire digital skills and automate tasks. Positioned at the forefront of digital disruption and the burgeoning Creator Economy, Supervity amplifies human potential in the workplace. By addressing the growing demand for rapid digital enablement and adoption, it offers a diverse array of essential skills such as office productivity tools, digital marketing, data analysis, and more. Supervity ensures users gain a comprehensive selection of in-demand abilities, shaping the future of work through innovative learning solutions.


Vijay Navaluri leads Supervity AI, shaping it into the ultimate "Super app for work." At its core, Supervity enhances human productivity and creativity in the digital realm using advanced AI technologies like AI Coach and AI Agents. Vijay aims to seamlessly integrate AI with human expertise, fostering synergy and innovation. His leadership underscores a commitment to unlocking the full potential of this evolving landscape.

In an exclusive interview with CIOL, Vijay Navaluri, Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer of Supervity, discussed the targeted market gap that Supervity aims to fill. Additionally, he elaborated on the pivotal roles played by AI technologies like AI Coach and AI Agents within Supervity's ecosystem.

What inspired you to start Supervity, and what specific gap in the market does it aim to address?


Siva Moduga and I founded Supervity (formerly  in 2017 with a vision to harness the vast potential of AI to augment human knowledge at a population scale. The inspiration behind Supervity stemmed from realising 85% of the world's population is still digitally illiterate at varied levels and the gap is just growing. Supervity through its AI Coach and AI Agents - democratises knowledge accessibility for both individuals and businesses in their pursuit of excellence. It augments the knowledge workforce with Generative AI actions - aiming to empower users to effortlessly achieve enhanced creativity and productivity.

Could you provide an overview of how Supervity works and its core features?

Supervity offers AI Agents software specialised in processing unstructured data - mimicking the human level of reading, understanding, collaborating, engaging, and acting through a mix of generative AI and automation technologies. These AI agents ensure enterprise-grade security. The AI Coach which is at the core of the platform, facilitates the effective adoption of AI Agents by the workforce. It is designed not just as a large language tool but as a bridge, fostering an intuitive understanding of natural language while emphasising data privacy and ethical AI use through a combination of retrieval augmented generation, fine-tuning, guard rails, citations, and observability capabilities. Additionally, we offer a wide range of pre-built AI skills tailored for the modern workplace, supporting rapid upskilling and enabling progress monitoring through personalised dashboards.


How does Supervity differentiate itself from other platforms offering digital skill acquisition and task automation?

Supervity differentiates itself through its unique offering of an AI Coach and AI Agents, focusing on no-code AI technology that enables users with zero coding experience to engage in automation and knowledge creation. It provides a more intuitive and integrated approach to learning and automation, unlike other platforms that may require technical skills or separate tools for similar outcomes. Moreover, Supervity's platform is supported by generative AI and RPA, boosting productivity by up to 90% and enabling real-time support for employees. Its ability to offer customised solutions tailored to individual’s/enterprises' unique challenges further sets it apart.

Could you elaborate on the role of AI technologies such as AI Coach and AI Agents in Supervity's ecosystem?


In Supervity's ecosystem, AI Coach serves as a bridge connecting individuals and teams to the transformative capabilities of AI Agents, ensuring their effective adoption and integration. It is designed to enhance the team’s ability to harness AI tools, fostering an intuitive understanding of large language models and prioritising ethical AI use. AI Agents, on the other hand, are tasked with executing tasks by reading, understanding, and acting on information, thus optimising knowledge work through automation. These agents embody the platform's capabilities in automating routine tasks, facilitating digital adoption, and streamlining knowledge management, all while ensuring security and privacy.

What are some of the challenges you've faced in developing and scaling Supervity, particularly as a startup in the AI and digital skills space?

In the early years of Supervity, educating businesses about the benefits of AI was one of our greatest challenges. Seven years ago, AI was viewed with a blend of skepticism and intrigue by many in the business world. The idea of integrating AI into daily operations was often met with concerns about feasibility, security, and the tangible value AI could bring to an organisation. To address this skepticism and demonstrate the real-world effectiveness and benefits of our AI-driven solutions, we adopted a hands-on approach, offering a significant number of pilots and proof of concepts (POCs). These initiatives were crucial for showcasing AI's potential in streamlining operations, enhancing decision-making, and driving efficiency, thereby winning the confidence of early adopters.


In what ways does Supervity cater to the needs of both individuals seeking to enhance their digital skills and businesses aiming to streamline processes through automation?

Supervity caters to individuals in two ways:

AI Coach - which enables them to create and manage AI Agents for their unique needs, be it automation, digital learning via in-app walkthroughs or knowledge management


AI Skill Hub - which provides a wide range of pre-built AI skills for the modern workplace and supports rapid upskilling for professionals, students, and job seekers. 

The platform facilitates seamless integration with existing systems and applications, ensuring that both individual and business users can easily adopt and benefit from its AI-driven solutions.

Can you share any success stories or case studies that highlight the impact Supervity has had on users or businesses?

Supervity has significantly impacted various sectors by enhancing operational efficiency, increasing productivity, and ensuring process accuracy through its AI-driven solutions. A US state government agency managed to reduce its annual support ticket volume by 40% and enhance user productivity by leveraging Supervity to eliminate 98,000 tickets and provide over 1.2 million tooltips for guided app navigation, achieving 68% effort savings and 100% compliance. A large healthcare network present in the US East Coast - experienced over 30% manual effort savings and 80% faster Revenue Cycle Management operations by adopting Supervity's superior no-code AI technology, yielding a $3Mn+ economic impact with a 7x ROI. Similarly, A large global SI built an AI-first platform to achieve more than 40% effort savings in cybersecurity audits, leading to an expected $4Mn+ economic impact with a 14x ROI. These success stories across governmental and corporate landscapes showcase Supervity's versatility in enabling generative AI-powered operational efficiency, improving accuracy, and delivering substantial economic benefits.


How does Supervity prioritise user privacy and data security in the development and deployment of its AI-driven solutions?

We prioritise user privacy and data security by incorporating advanced security measures across our platform. It employs credential management with secure storage and access for sensitive information, role-based access control for user management to minimise unauthorised data access, and 256-bit AES encryption along with TLS 1.2 to protect data in transit and at rest. Additionally, the platform provides comprehensive audit logs, reporting, and analytics for effective oversight and security monitoring. AI Agents developed on Supervity automatically inherit these robust security and compliance standards, underlining the platform's commitment to high-level data protection.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to venture into the AI and tech startup space, based on your experience with Supervity?

Embarking on a journey in the AI and tech startup space demands not just a vision for innovation, but a commitment to solving real-world problems. My advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to deeply understand the challenges and pains of your target market. This understanding will be your north star, guiding every product development decision, every feature, and every line of code. Remember, the most sophisticated AI technology isn't just about complex algorithms or data; it's about how these technologies can simplify lives, enhance decision-making, and unlock new possibilities for people and businesses.