Startup-Circle: Saurav Kasera, Co-Founder, CLIRNET

In an exclusive interview with Ciol, Saurav Kasera, Co-Founder, CLIRNET, shared insights about how CLIRNET is empowering doctors with progressive tools and services to deliver quality patient care that is accessible, affordable, and equitable. 

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Saurav Kasera

Clirnet hosts the largest Live CME (Continuing Medical Education) and doctor-generated content platform, MedWiki. It reaches from urban to rural areas, partnering with medical associations, institutions, and the healthcare industry. Serving over 350,000 doctors, it offers free digital tools for last-mile patient care, leveraging data and audio tech for collaboration. Research confirms its impact on clinical decision-making. With 100M+ annual patient health outcomes, it's led by a majority-women team from prestigious institutes, recognized for digital social innovation.
Saurav Kasera, Co-Founder of CLIRNET, leads business strategies and fundraising, leveraging his top-tier education and diverse industry experience. With a focus on empowering doctors and fostering a predominantly female team, he envisions CLIRNET as a leading healthcare marketing platform. Committed to accessible and equitable patient care, Saurav is also dedicated to his family and philanthropic endeavors, including supporting "Pariwaar India" in providing free healthcare and education.
In an exclusive interview with Ciol, Saurav Kasera, Co-Founder, CLIRNET, shared insights about how CLIRNET is empowering doctors with progressive tools and services to deliver quality patient care that is accessible, affordable, and equitable. 

What inspired the inception of Clirnet as a business venture?

The journey of CLIRNET began with a profound realization by our co-founder, Saurav Kasera, after he returned from a successful corporate career in the USA. Dedicating a year to personally meet with over a thousand doctors, He delved deep into the heart of the challenges faced by medical practitioners today. What emerged was a vivid picture of the hurdles that doctors navigate daily—hurdles that significantly hamper their ability to deliver the highest standard of patient care. Among these were the absence of standardized medical practices, limited access to continuous education, and insufficient opportunities for collaboration with fellow professionals.

More than anything, doctors voiced their struggle with keeping abreast of medical advancements. The expectation to digest 10-15 articles daily to stay updated seemed both daunting and unrealistic, given their hectic schedules. Witnessing these challenges first-hand, Kasera was inspired to conceive a solution that would not only address these issues but also revolutionize the way doctors engage with continuing education and peer collaboration.

Thus, CLIRNET was born, underpinned by the ethos of Collaboration, Learning, Innovation, Research, and Networking (CLIRNET). Our platform was designed to empower doctors to remain at the forefront of medical knowledge and practice, requiring significantly less time investment. The impact of CLIRNET became palpable when we received feedback from a doctor practicing in a remote area near the Arunachal-China border. This doctor shared how the platform's peer discussions and accessible medical content had become pivotal in managing patient care. This validation was a testament to our vision's significance and CLIRNET's potential to transform medical practice for the better.

How does Clirnet differentiate itself from other similar platforms in the market?

CLIRNET stands out in the digital healthcare space through a multifaceted approach that emphasizes both the utility of our platform and its significant impact on healthcare outcomes. Our differentiation is manifested in several key areas:

Impact through Education: We address critical healthcare gaps, such as the shortage of Pediatric doctors in the North-East, by offering Continuous Medical Education (CME) programs. These initiatives have proven instrumental in improving patient care, with a study from IIM-Bangalore showing that 90% of doctors altered their treatment plans after attending our CME sessions. This educational impact is underscored by our exceptional Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 91%, reflecting the high recommendation rate among doctors.

Extensive Engagement and Reach: CLIRNET boasts a vibrant community of over 4.5 lakh doctors, with 66% actively engaging with our platform. This engagement is supported by partnerships with top healthcare companies, enhancing the value we provide to both doctors and patients.

Tailored Content Delivery: Our success hinges on the precise targeting and engagement of doctors, providing them with content that is meticulously tailored to their preferences and needs. This approach ensures maximum relevance and engagement, driving significant interactions and outcomes, as seen in our collaboration with a leading healthcare company on heart failure awareness, which reached over 45,000 doctors nationwide.

Innovative Features:

MedWiki: An expansive medical encyclopedia that combines evidential and experiential medicine, offering verified and comprehensive information.

Discuss and Refer: A platform enabling case discussions and peer collaboration, fostering a professional community.

CME Programs: Ensuring doctors remain abreast of the latest in medical research and practice.

TelemedLite: Integrating TeleHealth capabilities for remote consultations, expanding healthcare access.

AiDA: Equipping doctors with AI-powered clinical decision-support tools, enhancing their diagnostic and treatment capabilities.

Through these features and initiatives, CLIRNET not only distinguishes itself from other platforms but also profoundly enhances the quality of healthcare delivery. Our platform is a testament to the power of combining technology with a deep understanding of healthcare professionals' needs, driving both innovation and impact in the medical community.

Could you provide insights into the development process of Doctube and how it aligns with Clirnet's overall mission and objectives?

The inception of DocTube marks a significant milestone in our journey to democratize medical knowledge and enhance patient health outcomes. As an extension of CLIRNET's mission to revolutionize healthcare through digital innovation, DocTube is designed to be more than just a platform; it's a movement towards informed healthcare decisions.

Inclusive and Accessible Content: Recognizing the diversity of India, over 80% of our content is available in various Indian vernacular languages. This strategic choice ensures that medical knowledge is not just accessible but also comprehensible to a broader audience, bridging linguistic barriers that often hinder healthcare education.

Verified and Authentic Information: In an era where misinformation can be as dangerous as the ailments it pretends to cure, DocTube™ stands out by ensuring that all content creators are verified doctors. With over 10,000 medical videos crafted by more than 3,000 verified healthcare professionals, we cover an exhaustive range of over 1,000 therapeutic conditions. This commitment to authenticity and quality aligns with our overarching goal to provide trustworthy and reliable medical information.

Compliance and Ethical Standards: As a platform compliant with the National Medical Council (NMC), DocTube embodies the highest standards of medical ethics and practices. This compliance further emphasizes our dedication to maintaining a safe and respectful environment for both doctors and patients.

Empowering Through Education: The core mission of DocTube™ is to empower patients by providing them with the knowledge to understand their health conditions, treatment options, and the latest in medical advancements. By making this information readily available, we aim to foster a more informed patient population that can actively participate in their healthcare decisions.

Bridging the Doctor-Patient Gap: The digital divide between healthcare providers and patients is a significant challenge in India. DocTube addresses this by facilitating direct communication and education, making reliable medical advice accessible to all, regardless of geographical limitations or socio-economic status.

By Doctors, For People: DocTube's ethos, "By Doctors, For People," encapsulates our belief in the power of professional medical advice to transform lives. By ensuring that all content is curated by medical experts, we uphold the integrity of the information shared, contributing to a healthier, more informed society.

In essence, DocTube not only aligns with but actively propels CLIRNET's mission to innovate healthcare delivery through technology. It is a testament to our commitment to making accurate medical information accessible to everyone, thereby improving health outcomes and empowering patients across India.

What data-driven insights or analytics does Clirnet derive from its AI/ML integration, and how does it inform business decisions?

At CLIRNET, our integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies is pivotal in transforming how healthcare professionals access, engage with, and apply medical knowledge. This sophisticated technological underpinning enables us to analyze extensive usage and behavioral data from our platform, providing invaluable insights that drive both operational excellence and enhanced healthcare outcomes.

Enhancing Healthcare Delivery and Outcomes: Through AI/ML, we gain a deep understanding of doctors' engagement patterns, preferences, and learning behaviors. This data-driven approach allows us to tailor our Continuous Medical Education (CME) programs and resources to better meet the evolving needs of healthcare professionals. By analyzing interaction data, we identify trends and gaps in medical knowledge, enabling us to offer targeted educational content that addresses these areas. This ensures that healthcare providers are equipped with the latest and most relevant medical information, directly contributing to improved patient care outcomes.

Personalizing User Experience: AI/ML integration also empowers us to personalize the user experience for each healthcare professional on our platform. By understanding individual behaviors and preferences, we can deliver customized content recommendations, optimize user interfaces, and streamline navigation paths. This personalization enhances user engagement, satisfaction, and ultimately, the effectiveness of the medical knowledge dissemination.

Informing Business Decisions and Strategy: The insights derived from AI/ML analysis are instrumental in shaping our business strategies. By understanding the content consumption patterns and engagement levels of healthcare professionals, we can make informed decisions regarding content development, platform features, and user interface enhancements. This data-centric approach ensures that our offerings remain relevant, user-friendly, and aligned with the needs of our diverse user base.

Driving Innovation and Growth: Furthermore, these insights facilitate the identification of emerging trends and unmet needs within the healthcare sector. This enables CLIRNET to stay ahead of the curve, driving innovation in our services and exploring new growth opportunities. Whether it’s developing new AI-driven tools for clinical decision support or expanding into new markets, our data-driven strategy ensures that our initiatives are grounded in real-world utility and the potential for positive impact.

In summary, the integration of AI/ML technologies into CLIRNET’s operations is more than just a technological enhancement—it's a cornerstone of our mission to improve healthcare outcomes through knowledge sharing. By harnessing the power of data-driven insights, we not only refine and personalize our platform but also inform strategic decisions that keep us at the forefront of digital healthcare innovation. This commitment to leveraging advanced analytics ensures that CLIRNET continues to be a dynamic force for positive change in the healthcare industry.

In terms of geographical expansion, what regions or markets does Clirnet plan to target in the near future?

CLIRNET is set to broaden its horizons, embarking on a strategic expansion to South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. These regions, each with their distinct healthcare challenges, present unique opportunities for CLIRNET to deploy its innovative platform, aiming to revolutionize healthcare through digital means.

South Asia: Here, we see an opportunity to enhance the healthcare ecosystem by providing continuous medical education and a robust professional network, catering to the region’s burgeoning healthcare needs.

Africa: Addressing the acute shortage of healthcare information and professional networking, CLIRNET aims to bridge knowledge gaps and foster collaboration among healthcare practitioners, significantly uplifting patient care standards.

Middle East: Aligning with the region’s digital healthcare transformation, CLIRNET plans to integrate its platform, offering updated medical knowledge and peer collaboration opportunities to enhance healthcare delivery.

With a vision to unite 500,000 global healthcare professionals on our platform, CLIRNET is not just expanding geographically but also creating a global community for knowledge sharing and collaboration. This global initiative underscores our commitment to elevating healthcare standards worldwide, leveraging digital innovation to make quality medical education accessible to all healthcare practitioners, regardless of their location.

Can you discuss any potential collaborations or partnerships that Clirnet is pursuing to enhance its services or reach?

At CLIRNET, we understand the power of collaboration in revolutionizing healthcare. Our strategy encompasses forming synergistic partnerships with leading medical associations, academic institutions, healthcare companies, and universities worldwide. These collaborations are pivotal in amplifying our impact, enriching our content, and broadening our reach, ultimately driving forward our mission to empower healthcare professionals with the tools and knowledge for exemplary patient care.

Medical Associations and Institutions: Partnering with medical associations and institutions enables us to tap into a wealth of clinical expertise and medical research. These collaborations help in curating up-to-date, evidence-based medical content for our Continuous Medical Education (CME) programs and ensuring that our offerings meet the highest standards of medical accuracy and relevance.

Academic Partnerships: By joining forces with leading universities, CLIRNET bridges the gap between academic research and clinical practice. These partnerships facilitate the integration of cutting-edge research findings into practical, accessible formats for healthcare professionals, fostering an environment of lifelong learning and innovation.

Global Healthcare Companies: Collaborating with global healthcare companies allows us to leverage advanced technologies and resources. These partnerships are crucial in developing new tools and services, such as AI-driven diagnostic aids and TeleHealthsolutions, that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery.

Focus on Global Outreach: Our commitment to establishing a global platform for healthcare professionals is furthered by these partnerships, enabling us to reach diverse populations and address healthcare challenges on a global scale. Through these strategic collaborations, we aim to not only expand our user base but also to enrich the quality and diversity of the content and services we offer.

In essence, CLIRNET’s strategy for pursuing collaborations and partnerships is driven by a commitment to excellence and a vision for a globally connected healthcare community. Through these efforts, we aim to enhance our services, extend our reach, and, most importantly, improve patient care worldwide.

What measures does Clirnet take to ensure data privacy and security for its users, especially considering the sensitive nature of medical information?

At CLIRNET, safeguarding the privacy and security of our users' data is paramount, especially given the sensitive nature of medical information. Our approach is multifaceted, focusing on verification, content moderation, and the application of stringent data protection measures.

Verification and Content Integrity: We ensure that every doctor on our platform is rigorously verified before they can share knowledge or information. This process guarantees that all medical content comes from qualified professionals. Additionally, our content moderation system, supported by a team of medical professionals, oversees the accuracy of information shared, swiftly addressing any inaccuracies or violations of our platform's standards.

Data Privacy and Security Protocols: Our commitment to data security is reflected in our adherence to international data protection regulations and the implementation of industry-standard security measures. These include:

Encryption: To protect user data against unauthorized access, all data is encrypted both in transit and at rest.

Access Control: We enforce strict access controls, ensuring only authorized personnel can access sensitive information.

Secure Infrastructure: Our servers are fortified to provide secure data storage and handling, complemented by regular security audits to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities.

ISO:27001 Certification: As an ISO:27001 certified organization, our data security practices undergo rigorous scrutiny and continual improvement, as verified by accredited third-party audits.

User Privacy and Control: Respecting user privacy, our platform allows users to manage their privacy settings, giving them control over their personal information. Our comprehensive privacy policy transparently outlines how we collect, use, and protect user data, affirming our commitment to user privacy.

In essence, CLIRNET’s proactive and preventive measures in ensuring data privacy and security not only demonstrate our commitment to our users' trust but also align with our mission to provide a safe and reliable platform for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

How does Clirnet plan to adapt to evolving technological trends and advancements in the healthcare industry?

In an era where technological evolution is incessant, CLIRNET is poised to not only keep pace but to lead the charge in transforming healthcare through digital innovation. Our approach is rooted in a continuous cycle of innovation, evaluation, and adaptation, ensuring that our platform remains an indispensable tool for healthcare professionals.

AI-Powered Innovations: At the heart of our strategy is the expansion and enhancement of AiDA, our AI-powered Doctor’s Assistant. AiDA is more than just a digital tool; it's a companion to healthcare professionals, offering intelligent recommendations, clinical decision support, and a gateway to a vast repository of medical knowledge. By harnessing the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, AiDA will evolve to understand and predict the needs of healthcare practitioners more accurately, streamlining their workflow and enhancing patient care.

Revolutionizing Continuous Medical Education (CME): Recognizing the pivotal role of continuous learning in healthcare, CLIRNET is set to redefine CME programs. We're infusing our educational offerings with interactive elements, case-based learning, and gamification techniques. These innovations are designed to engage doctors deeply, making learning not just more effective but enjoyable. Through immersive experiences and practical knowledge application, we aim to elevate the standard of medical education and, consequently, patient care.

Staying Ahead of Technological Trends: CLIRNET’s commitment to innovation extends beyond current technologies to exploring emerging trends such as virtual reality (VR) for medical training, blockchain for secure patient records, and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) for enhanced diagnostic tools. Our team continuously scans the horizon for breakthrough technologies that can be integrated into our platform, ensuring that healthcare professionals have access to the most advanced tools and resources.

Collaboration and Community Engagement: Innovation at CLIRNET is also driven by our community of healthcare professionals. Through regular feedback loops, we engage with our users to understand their needs and challenges. This collaborative approach not only fuels our innovation cycle but also ensures that our platform evolves in alignment with the real-world needs of healthcare providers.

Global Standards and Compliance: As we innovate, compliance with global healthcare standards and data protection regulations remains paramount. Our forward-looking strategies are developed with a keen eye on ensuring the highest levels of security and ethical considerations, reinforcing trust in our platform.

In essence, CLIRNET’s vision for adapting to technological advancements is not merely about adopting new technologies; it's about reimagining how healthcare is delivered and experienced. Through a combination of AI-driven tools, innovative educational programs, and a commitment to exploring future technologies, CLIRNET aims to lead the way in setting new benchmarks for digital healthcare excellence.

Are there any upcoming features or updates planned for Doctube, and if so, how do they address user feedback and market demands?

DocTube is rapidly evolving, with a clear vision to democratize access to verified medical knowledge for the broader public. As we look forward, our roadmap is shaped by a commitment to expanding our impact, enriching content diversity, and enhancing user experience through technological innovation.

Expanding Content in Vernacular Languages: Recognizing the diversity of India's linguistic landscape, a key focus is on significantly increasing our repository of high-quality medical videos in vernacular languages. Our aim is to double the current library to 50,000+ videos within the next six months, making healthcare knowledge more accessible and relatable to a wider audience.

AI and ML Integration for Personalized Experience: Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, we're enhancing DocTube to offer personalized content recommendations. This initiative is designed to align with individual health interests and browsing behaviors, ensuring users receive the most relevant and impactful information.

Broadening Content Offerings with Expert Collaborations: Our ongoing collaboration with healthcare professionals and institutions aims to diversify our content spectrum. This includes comprehensive educational materials, insights into medical advancements, and inspiring patient stories, catering to the varied needs and interests of our users.

User Interface and Usability Enhancements: In response to user feedback, we are refining DocTube’s user interface for improved navigation and interaction. Our goal is to make accessing healthcare information as intuitive and user-friendly as possible.

Fostering Community Engagement: New features aimed at promoting community engagement will enable users to connect more effectively with healthcare professionals and share their experiences with peers. This initiative seeks to build a supportive ecosystem around health and wellness.

Telehealth Integration to Humanize Digital Healthcare: Recognizing the transformative potential of Telehealth, DocTube is enhancing its platform to support a more humanized, trustworthy digital healthcare experience. By providing a platform for doctors to share their knowledge, we aim to extend the reach of quality healthcare to remote areas, addressing the doctor-patient ratio challenge and improving health outcomes across India.

DocTube’s upcoming features and updates are directly influenced by our mission to provide comprehensive and validated medical knowledge, addressing both user feedback and the broader market demands. Our goal is to establish DocTube as the definitive platform for reliable healthcare information, reaching 20% of the Indian population in the coming year and setting a new standard for accessible healthcare education and support.