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Speaking to CIOL, Sarvagya Mishra, Co-Founder & Director, at SuperBot has shared his views on the growing significance of the SuperBot.

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SuperBot is an intelligent, AI-powered voice agent startup based out of Gurugram. It was started in 2018 and was founded by Sarvagya Mishra and Ankit Ruia. It is bridging the communication gap between organizations and their clients. The Co-founders envision a future where every local business or shop will be equipped to operate a full-fledged customer support center, not withstanding any delays or lags in communication and the consequent loss of revenue.


A visionary in the field of tech and a firm believer in Digital Automation, he envisions taking SuperBot to the global level of prominence, while building a strong team of like-minded people. In their endeavour, the co-founders are joined by a team of over 50 employees and soon intend to double the team size.

Speaking to CIOL, Sarvagya Mishra, Co-Founder & Director, at SuperBot has shared his views on the growing significance of the SuperBot. He talked about his startup journey and also, and he speaks about the growth plans he has for SuperBot.

Tell us about SuperBot and your offerings. Tell us about the team.


SuperBot is an AI-Powered Conversation Agent, capable of having smart dialogues with humans over Telephony Channels and can act as a 24x7 virtual call centre as a service for organisations. It has been developed with the vision of bridging the communication gap endured by almost all industries and therefore, has been trained in a manner to cater to the calling needs of all. From conducting en masse feedback or surveys to booking appointments, verifying leads, reminding customers about payments or confirming their attendance, and more, SuperBot takes care of mission-critical communication use cases for organisations. And it is adept to take care of it all by placing or attending 1 Million+ concurrent calls in a day. It is also available in 9+ languages including English, Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, etc and the team is working on adding more regional and international languages.

SuperBot is the brainchild of Sarvagya Mishra and Ankit Ruia. The idea for SuperBot was conceived when the co-founders were spearheading the parent company, PinnacleWorks, a key player in the education sector. A doyen in the field of technology, Ankit Ruia breathes coding and looks over all aspects of product development and associated operations such as SuperBot, SuperBot for Education, and CampusEnrol, amongst others. On the other hand, Sarvagya Mishra looks after marketing, sales, and business development verticals. A visionary in the field of tech and a firm believer in Digital Automation, he envisions taking SuperBot to the global level of prominence, while building a strong team of like-minded people. In their endeavour, the co-founders are joined by a team of over 50 employees and soon intend to double the team size.

How is SuperBot bridging the gap between business and their consumers?


Consumers today demand convenient access, around the clock. With the world being available at their fingertips, they are not willing to wait around for access or information. However, the same demands put undue pressure on businesses. And it is not commercially viable for every business to hire and train customer support staff that would be available 24x7 to address any customer queries.

And this is where SuperBot steps in. As an AI-powered conversation agent, SuperBot automates conversations with customers over telephony channels. It can place concurrent calls to cater to multiple use cases for a brand. Its 24x7 availability further allows brands to scale up by the customer support or communication vertical without exorbitant calls. With 100+ use cases already under its belt, SuperBot offers unparalleled scalability, ease of use, and diverse service offerings.

To top it all, as a SaaS-based platform, SuperBot works on a "pay as you go" model. Different businesses of varying scales and sizes can subscribe to the platform, in accordance with their calling needs.


How is AI transforming customer experience?

The advent of artificial intelligence is pushing us to a world of hyper-personalisation. Consumers today are tech-savvy and smart. In fact, they expect a certain degree of intuitive and smart experience while interacting with brands. With AI and machine learning, brands are able to learn about consumer preferences and recommend products or services best suited to their unique tastes, preferences, and lifestyle.

However, the same has risen the level of expectations customers have from brands. Today, brands can no longer afford to be passive while interacting with consumers or designing customer journeys. Offering support round the clock, for instance, is no longer a “good to have” feature but instead a requirement. Tech-empowered consumers of today demand 24x7 access to brands. Furthermore, a delay in response, any lag or wait time would clearly impact the consumer experience.


However, for brands, that means exorbitant overheads. And we have commissioned SuperBot to be a reliable, smart, tech-enabled partner to automate customer support functions.

As per a recent study, 63% of consumers agreed that they prefer getting assistance or resolution to their queries over the telephone. They further added that a live chat system wouldn’t truly address their challenges. With AI, it is possible to address the challenges and bring new innovations to the client support domain. AI-powered Voice Agent like SuperBot makes it possible for brands to be available round the clock and aptly address customer queries with zero wait time. This further creates enough space for the human agents to focus on the most important or complex tasks, while everyday communication and tasks can be automated with SuperBot.

If the brand is working/planning to launch a new product in the market?


Yes, certainly! While we initially commissioned SuperBot for the Education sector, we are already venturing out to the healthcare space, due to the growing demand. Furthermore, we are eyeing at launching new ventures like:

  • Enterprise Edition- It would provide complete solutions to clients in their own data centres
  • 24*7 admission helpline for higher education
  • International calling
  • Incorporation of Regional languages for placing or attending the calls.

These projects are going to make a difference in the way information is seen and perceived, with SuperBot being at the centre of all this change.


Any changes for SuperBot?

We are constantly driven to further optimise and grow the scope of service offerings for SuperBot. Recently, we launched Version 5.0. One of the most exhilarating features of the latest version is equipping users to build a bot, with zero coding needs. It is, in fact, as simple as drag & drop if the users are ready with their content. Furthermore, the latest update makes it extremely simple for users to train the bot. Users have the liberty to add new questions and responses and train the bot themselves, with our easy-to-use and updated UI. Data fulfilment has also become real-time with the latest update; be it capturing real-time phone numbers, and credit cards, or fetching real-time information on the basis of the user response, SuperBot 5.0 does all of it in real-time. And last but not the least, SuperBot 5.0 is at least 10X smarter. Even if the user responds back in a muffled voice or a difficult-to-understand tone, SuperBot is intelligent enough to reframe the question and ask it again.

How has your revenue grown with the brand evolving during the pandemic?

Certainly, the revenue has grown exponentially, as a direct result of SuperBot growing and evolving through the years. As a result, we have been able to steadily grow our year-on-year revenues by 2.5X since our inception and, today, cater to 100+ businesses across various sectors including Healthcare, Education, BFSI, Ecommerce, etc.

What has 2021 changed for you? How are things now?

There have been significant shifts in the company and the market dynamics since 2020 & 2021. The COVID-19-led pandemic put a lot of stress on our associate brands for quick redressal, information and more. The same created a lot of growth impetus for a service like SuperBot.

At present, we have clocked in 85% year-on-year growth, as the demand for our services is only growing. The same has led us to expand our wings to sectors other than education, such as Healthcare and more. In fact, while the calls raised were 5 million in 2021, it has already grown to 20 million in 2022.

Today, the SuperBot platform has more than 100 voice bots exhaustively trained on different use cases for multiple industries and business verticals, as well as to understand regional dialects, intent, and colloquialisms across languages as diverse as English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telegu, Kannada and Bengali. Furthermore, the platform is capable of handling over 1 million calls a day – while delivering a query response efficiency rate of 90% and above. The accuracy, speed, volume, and ease of deployment make SuperBot one of the most scalable and impactful communication platforms currently available in the market.

What are your growth priorities for 2022?

We have the innovation, scalability, and appetite for exponential growth and we are certainly eyeing Lion’s share of the market. Today a person receives 10 odd calls from different industries for different purposes be it insurance, real estate, BFSI, automobile, healthcare, etc. To us, growth stands for the day when out of those 10 calls, 5 will be placed by SuperBot on behalf of various organisations across various industries.


To date, we are a self-sustaining profit-making firm. But as we shared the expansion plan above, we are interested in looking forward to the investment opportunities.

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