Startup Circle: GreedyGame, A Solution for App and Website Monetization and User Acquisition

Arpit Jain, who serves as the CEO of GreedyGame and PubScale, He shared insights into the rapidly evolving landscape of mobile advertising.

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Arpit Jain

GreedyGame is a Bengaluru-based startup that provides an all-in-one platform for app and website monetization and user acquisition. The company aims to help app and website developers, app monetization, and create ads that are truly user-friendly and less intrusive. The company solely focuses on business profitability, which explains its success during this time of market volatility. While other companies are laying off employees, GreedyGame is slowly and steadily hiring employees, growing its employee base.


It has opened a third office in Delhi after Bangalore and the USA, Delavare. It plans to expand in other metro cities in India. Meanwhile, its operations have expanded in countries like Thailand, Singapore, London, Luxembourg, Dubai, etc.

Arpit Jain is the Founder and CEO of GreedyGame, a platform that helps app and website developers earn money through ads. An IIT Ropar alumnus, Arpit Jain founded GreedyGame in 2013 to help mobile publishers and advertisers run ads without disrupting the user experience. 

He is a tech geek and an AI enthusiast who aims at making apps and websites achieve overall growth faster with the help of technology. He has played a pivotal role in enabling the company to leverage AI to help app/website publishers monetize better with native and other ad formats. Before establishing the leading Bengaluru-based monetization and growth platform for apps and websites, Arpit Jain worked as a Software Developer at PayPal where his role was to prototype innovative ideas as part of PayPal labs. 


In an exclusive interview with Ciol, Arpit Jain, who serves as the CEO of GreedyGame, He shared insights into the rapidly evolving landscape of mobile advertising and the innovative strategies his companies are employing to stay ahead in this dynamic industry.


Arpit Jain serves as the visionary Founder and CEO at GreedyGame, a dynamic adtech startup headquartered in Bengaluru, established in the year 2013. The core mission of GreedyGame revolves around the transformation of mobile app advertising, with a paramount emphasis on user-friendliness and reducing intrusiveness.


Arpit is not only a fervent tech enthusiast but also a dedicated AI enthusiast, fully committed to expediting the growth of apps and websites through cutting-edge technology. Holding the prestigious distinction of being an alumnus of IIT Ropar, his expertise is instrumental in harnessing the power of futuristic technologies for optimized monetization. Prior to steering GreedyGame towards industry leadership, Arpit honed his skills as a software developer at PayPal, where he pioneered innovative concepts that laid the foundation for his subsequent establishment of Bengaluru's foremost platform for app and website monetization and growth.

Can you provide a brief overview of GreedyGame, including its mission and core values?

GreedyGame, a pioneering startup founded by Arpit Jain in 2013, has a steadfast commitment to revolutionizing the app landscape through programmatic advertising.


The company's mission is rooted in addressing two critical issues within the advertising ecosystem: the challenges faced by publishers in effective marketing and monetization, and the limitations that hinder the development of robust monetization tools. GreedyGame's overarching goal is to enhance the world of mobile app advertising by crafting user-friendly, and less intrusive advertisements and help publishers scale their revenue. In pursuit of this mission, GreedyGame conceived PubScale, a comprehensive platform engineered to seamlessly integrate various elements, including ad monetization, user acquisition tools, revenue optimization, and analytics. PubScale serves as the solution to empower publishers, liberating them to concentrate on content creation and app development, while GreedyGame takes charge of the advertising aspects.


GreedyGame's mission is to empower small and medium developers and expedite the sustainable growth of their apps. The company achieves this by curating products and services that allow developers to focus on creating top-notch content, while GreedyGame handles the distribution and maximization of revenue.


GreedyGame envisions a world heavily reliant on mobile apps and games. The company aspires to democratize the app economy, making app development not only sustainable but also highly profitable. GreedyGame aims to power innovative apps capable of addressing challenges and delivering value to users in their daily lives.


What inspired you to launch PubScale in the first place?

At GreedyGame, we've always believed in simplifying the lives of publishers, and PubScale is our commitment to making that a reality.

PubScale serves as a consolidation of vital resources, bringing together all the tools essential for publishers under one unified platform. It stands as a testament to our ongoing mission to democratize the app ecosystem, making it inclusive and accessible to all, thereby facilitating the growth of their app-related ventures. Through its integrated dashboard approach, PubScale simplifies and streamlines the processes of app monetization and user acquisition, granting developers the freedom to channel their energies into crafting remarkable content while simultaneously optimizing their revenue streams.


In short, PubScale is an all-encompassing AI-powered platform, meticulously designed to furnish publishers with the indispensable tools for effectively monetizing and expanding their mobile app enterprises. This innovative platform seamlessly brings ad monetization, user acquisition, and analytical solutions into a single, platform. This unique approach not only simplifies the journey of ad monetization for publishers but also endows them with a substantial competitive edge in the ever-evolving landscape of the mobile app business.

What is the USP of PubScale? What is its key differentiator?

PubScale's unique selling proposition (USP) centers around its holistic approach to app growth and monetization. What sets PubScale apart is its ability to bring together a comprehensive suite of tools and features, simplifying the entire process for publishers. PubScale stands as India's pioneering all-in-one SaaS platform for mobile apps and websites, redefining how publishers approach monetization, user acquisition, optimization, and analytics.


For example, PubScaleAdX acts as the bridge connecting publishers with top-tier demand partners while providing dedicated ad operations support. PubScale SDK X optimizes revenue generation, and PubScale GROW focuses on user acquisition. But PubScale doesn't stop there; it also equips users with valuable analytics and insights to guide data-driven decision-making.

By choosing PubScale, publishers can overcome the constraints of limited time and resources, accelerating their app monetization efforts. The platform's user-friendly interface ensures an intuitive experience, making it accessible even to those with limited technical expertise. Furthermore, PubScale fosters knowledge and expertise in ad monetization and marketing by offering personalized end-to-end support.

In addition, PubScale prioritizes customer support, delivering a hassle-free and efficient experience for its users. In essence, PubScale redefines the landscape of app growth and monetization with its all-encompassing, user-focused, and expert-backed approach.

When and how did your fascination for Ad technology begin?

My interest in Ad technology sparked during my time at IIT Ropar while I was immersed in the world of mobile games. However, it truly deepened when I joined PayPal as a Software Developer. There, I was tasked with exploring and prototyping groundbreaking concepts, igniting my passion for technology.

The allure of leveraging technology to elevate the user experience within mobile app advertising was undeniable. This enthusiasm eventually led to the establishment of GreedyGame in 2013. Ever since our inception, we've remained committed to harnessing cutting-edge technologies to empower app and website publishers with improved monetization strategies and enhanced user engagement opportunities.

How the use of technologies like AI & ML can transform the AdTech Industry in India?

The integration of AI and ML technologies has the potential to revolutionize the AdTech Industry in India, ushering in a new era of personalized and highly efficient advertising. AI and ML play a pivotal role in enhancing the AdTech landscape by harnessing user data for the delivery of highly tailored advertisements. This personalized approach not only amplifies user engagement but also amplifies ad-generated revenue. Furthermore, AI's analytical prowess empowers advertisers to discern intricate trends and behavioral patterns among consumers. This profound understanding enables advertisers to fine-tune their targeting strategies, resulting in superior Return on Investment (ROI) and an elevated user experience. In essence, this technological integration holds the promise of a brighter future for the AdTech industry in India.

How do you think mobile app subscription monetization will evolve?

The landscape of mobile app subscription monetization is poised for significant changes in the coming months and years. With the expanding user base due to the proliferation of smartphones and improved internet accessibility, India's mobile app industry is set to experience robust growth. This growth will pave the way for diverse monetization approaches, combining subscription-based models, in-app ads, in-app purchases, and various other strategies. Expect a hybrid approach that incorporates multiple revenue streams.

Moreover, the advent of transformative technologies like 5G will unlock fresh avenues for revenue generation. These may include premium content offerings and elevated user experiences, propelling the evolution of app monetization to new heights.

What trends will dominate the industry in the coming years?

In the near future, the AdTech sector in India is poised to be influenced by a multitude of trends. These encompass the sustained expansion of mobile advertising, the ascent of video content and interactive ad formats, the embrace of programmatic advertising, heightened reliance on data analytics for precision-targeted marketing, and the transformative effects of 5G technology on the advertising landscape. These dynamics are set to define the industry's trajectory, ushering in fresh prospects for advertisers and publishers alike.

What role can 5G play in the transformation of the mobile device industry in India?

The advent of 5G technology is poised to usher in a substantial transformation within the mobile device industry in India. Its enhanced capabilities, such as faster speeds and reduced latency, will facilitate a more immersive and interactive user experience within mobile applications. It can enable adtech personnel to come up with creative ways of serving ads to users. This, in turn, has the potential to boost user engagement and revenue generation, particularly in sectors like gaming and augmented reality.

Moreover, 5G's capacity to accommodate a greater number of interconnected devices will open up new avenues in the realm of Internet of Things (IoT) applications and services. This expanded scope for connectivity and innovation promises to play a pivotal role in reshaping the industry landscape.

What are your expansion plans in the upcoming days?

In the near future, GreedyGame is set to embark on a journey of expanding its presence globally. While currently operating in Bangalore, Delhi, and the United States, GreedyGame is actively planning to extend its footprint by forging strategic partnerships with mid-sized app developers and startups. These collaborative efforts will be geared towards offering valuable support, sharing resources, and facilitating knowledge exchange to empower app developers in scaling their ventures. GreedyGame remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions and tools that contribute to the advancement of the app publishing industry.