Startup Circle: How is Appy Pie helping businesses go digital without the need of coding knowledge?

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Many enterprises aim to build functional software for internal infrastructure servicing and programs for customer communication. However, lack of time and resources hinders their business growth. In the current era, low/zero code platforms help businesses to rapidly build relevant applications and are becoming an emerging trend in the SaaS market. Appy Pie, a cloud-based mobile builder provides a comprehensive no-coding solution rather than simply developing an app.

With no-code tools, users can create custom applications for their data collection, design their personal workflows, and set up unique rules that will help them propel their businesses further. In conversation with CiOL, Abhinav Girdhar, Founder, Appy Pie provides his insights on the industry and his venture.

What is Appy Pie about? Tell us about the team and the genesis of the idea.

Appy Pie is a no-code business solutions provider for businesses of all size, scale, and scope. We are on a mission to democratize application development by empowering anyone to build digital products that meet their needs without any coding.

• Affordable solutions for any budget
• Easy to use platform that needs no programming experience
• Single platform for a whole range of no-code business solutions
• No need to hire a new resource

Before Appy Pie, I was running a new media firm that specialized in Website Design & Development and SEO & SEM, where we started getting enquiries of mobile apps on very tight budgets, so we started researching for a CMS like WordPress for mobile apps. However, we were unable to find anything, so we decide to develop our own CMS.

I have always been intrigued by technology. I also understand the edge that technology can lend to a business of any scale or size. When I saw some of the most brilliant ideas not seeing the light of the day, solely due to the lack of access to technology. I knew that I could use my knowledge in technology to fill this void.

Most of the leadership team transitioned from the New Media SERVICE business to a Mobile App product business. Today we have over 220+ Team members working on the Various Appy Pie Products.

Which sectors in India have seen the boom in app development?

The last year has seen a significant jump in online stores, restaurants and education-based apps. Covid-19 pandemic compelled businesses to adopt digitalization at a faster pace to stay relevant in the market.

What are the changes you are bringing into the market?

We have helped business users turn their challenges into opportunities and convert their ideas to apps in mere minutes. An entire generation of citizen developers has emerged putting a stop to the evolution of shadow IT. It has also reduced the mounting load on the ever-busy IT department in businesses. Another important contribution of the no-code platform is in bridging the gap between big and small industry players by making technology accessible and affordable.

How are consumers adjusting to the challenges of no-code/low-code tech?

Low code products are definitely gaining popularity. Yet, it is no code that is actually the next big thing in the industry. There is no dearth of innovation and ideas in the Indian market, and no code solutions help turn these ideas into reality. With the current government initiatives like Atmanirbhar Bharat to support start-ups in India, the demand for such no-code platforms is increasing at an exponential rate.

What is your business/market growth? Who are your consumers?

In the past 6 months, we have experienced a growth in paid subscriptions by 5.8X. So yes, there is a strong demand, and it is only on the rise. Small business owners and professionals who do not have the technical expertise or the budget to hire someone.

What has 2020 changed for you? How are things now?

Remote working has been a new experience, not just for me but for the whole team. With time the belief in the team has risen as every team member is self-motivated and only a few things were needed to get the alignment right. With more businesses going online and seeking a digital presence we have been able to grow at a very good rate. Currently, the team processes are evolving to keep up with the market requirement and every day is a new learning process.

How does the future for Appy Pie look like in 2021? What is the future of low-code development in India?

We have multiple new products that are currently in the public beta phase. Some important names are Appy Pie Chatbot, Appy Pie Live Chat, Appy Pie Design, and Appy Pie Knowledge. Further, a couple more are in the pipeline. This is the age of no code, where ideas are more important than skills. We ensure that people with great ideas are not inhibited by the lack of their technical prowess.

During this pandemic, when social distancing and work from home have become a part of the new normal, mobile apps have come to the rescue. However, not every business can afford the time and money that goes into traditional app development. Our no-code solutions have made it possible, not only to create mobile apps and websites in minutes but also to save a ton of money in doing so. Businesses have not only begun offering their products and services through mobile apps but are also using the platform to create internal communication and task management apps.


We are 100% bootstrapped and being a cash positive entity we are not looking for funding in near future. We have already expanded to over 10+ countries, covering every habitable continent.

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