Startup Circle: Anil Kumar, Co-founder and Director of Technology, Zuci Systems

Anil Kumar, Co-founder and Director of Technology, Zuci Systems, has shared his views on how Zuci system providing advanced digital transformation solutions

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Anil kumar Sannareddy,

Zuci Systems is a new-age digital transformation enabler making a distinct difference to clients based on its engineering capabilities spanning across Digital engineering, Quality engineering , Data and Advanced Analytics. The Chennai-based company has global presence in North America and Europe with over 300 Zengineers delivering exceptional user experiences every day. The company has niche focus on BFSI and Healthcare verticals and also works with product companies to co-develop customer-centric products leveraging Zuci’s extensive expertise in technology and engineering methodologies.


Anil focuses on Quality Engineering, DevOps and Agile implementations for large organizations as a part of their digital transformation initiatives. He is a sought-after speaker at various software conferences in several countries and regularly contributes articles and whitepapers to business and software journals.

Speaking to CIOL, Anil Kumar, Co-founder and Director of Technology, Zuci Systems, has shared his views on how Zuci system providing advanced and niche digital transformation solutions for BFSI and Healthcare industry. He talked about his startup journey and also, and he speaks about the growth plans he has for Zuci Systems.

Tell us about Zuci and your offerings. Tell us about the team


Zuci Systems, is a new-age digital transformation firm with engineering capabilities spanning across various technologies. Our objective is to leverage technology to build applications that deliver exceptional user experiences, are secure, and scalable. We have a team of experienced professionals who work closely with our clients to understand their business needs and objectives and help them select the right technology solutions that will enable them to achieve their desired outcomes.

Tell us about the mission and objectives for which company was set up?

Zuci Systems was set up with the mission of enabling organizations meet their Digital Transformation goals using technology. Our team works with the intention of being a worthy partner to the client, providing guidance and support throughout the project. We believe that our approach can help any client achieve their desired digital outcomes.


Tell us about the application of big data analytics, ML, AI, and IoT? How has it developed so far?

Our AI/ML-based solution, HALO, was built for banks and other financial institutions, to provide accurate churn prediction, and our Forms Recognizer is used by clients in the healthcare and banking industries to streamline data collection. We have also deployed an IoT application for a global player in the travel & tourism space.

Zuci has been focusing on "Insights & Intelligence" since 2019. This has been a major area of focus for our company, and we have made great strides in developing innovative solutions that help our clients use data to make informed decisions.


How are you distinct from your competitors?

At Zuci Systems, our approach to consultation is our distinction. We take the time to really understand our client’s IT landscape with thorough detail, think through every risk and challenge, and provide a strategic roadmap to extend digital capabilities.

We understand that digital transformation is not just about incorporating new technology into a business, but a disruptive change that alters almost everything. Hence, our consulting services take a holistic approach to engineering.

Our hiring process also happens with this objective in mind, and we have been able to keep up with the demand for skilled digital transformation consultants.

According to you the current scenario of Big Data Analytics and its future.


There is no doubt that big data analytics is here to stay and will only become more prevalent in the years to come. With the ability to collect and analyze large data sets, businesses and organizations can gain valuable insights into their operations and make more informed decisions. In the future, big data analytics will likely be used even more extensively to help improve efficiency and optimize outcomes. Additionally, the technology will continue to evolve, providing even more capabilities and possibilities for those who use it.

Tell us about the most recent changes in the big data and analytics workforce?

The most recent changes in the big data and analytics workforce have been driven by the continued growth of data and the need for organizations to better leverage it. This has led to an increase in the number of roles focused on data management, analysis, and decision making. Additionally, there has been a shift towards more specialized roles, such as data scientists and machine learning experts. As data continues to grow in importance, these trends are expected to continue.


How has your revenue grown with brand evolving during pandemic?

As our brand has evolved during the pandemic, our revenue has grown significantly. Our focus on banking and healthcare has resonated with clients, who are looking for ways to boost their digital presence. Overall, our brand's growth has helped us to reach new markets and grow our revenue.

What has 2021 changed for you? How are things now?


2021 has been very different for all businesses, including Zuci. The biggest changes have been in the way of communication and collaboration. With more people working remotely, there has been a need for new and innovative ways to stay connected and productive. As a result, we saw an increased demand for cloud-based services.

As we come close to the end of 2022, we are in a hybrid mode of working. From a business perspective, we are observing an increased demand for data & analytics and a general demand for technology upgrades to expand businesses.

What are your growth priorities for 2022-2023?

Zuci Systems has identified a few areas of focus to generate business growth in the next financial year. Firstly, the company will focus on expanding its customer base and increasing sales to current customers. Secondly, it is preparing to introduce more cloud-based services. Additionally, the company will focus on building its brand to gain a competitive edge in the market. Finally, we will concentrate on attracting and retaining a team of talented and skilled employees who can help support our continued growth.


We are presently a bootstrapped company and do not have any definite plans for funding. Nevertheless, we are willing to consider it as we watch our revenue increase and plan for business expansions.