Squid Systems announces realtime HEVC encoder

New Update

National Association of Broadcasters Show, LAS VEGAS, USA: Squid Systems announced availability of its high quality HEVC encoder software for servers based on Intel Xeon-class processors.


The Squid encoder achieves bit rate reductions in the range of 50 percent compared to widely available H.264 encoders, while providing visual quality that consistently exceeds the visual quality produced by non-realtime HEVC encoders, meeting or exceeding the quality achieved by the ITU H.265 committee HM reference encoder.

"The emergence of 4K Ultra HD and the exploding popularity of streaming services are driving increased video traffic, and networks cannot expand fast enough for this growth. Companies need to find ways to achieve deeper compression to retain their growth trajectories in streaming video," said Dr. Renga Sundararajan, Squid Systems VP of products and marketing. "The Squid HEVC encoder provides a solution, cutting bit rates by 50% while achieving best-of-class video quality."

The Squid HEVC encoder supports Main-8 and Main-10 profiles and resolution ranging from 720p to 4K. Programmable quality levels allow optimized solutions for applications including broadcast head-end equipment, cloud based encode / transcode servers, DVRs, NVRs, STBs/OTTs, video conferencing servers, home media servers and surveillance servers.