Spectrum unleashes new SpectrumSCM 2.0 for SMBs

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BANGALORE: Atlanta-based Spectrum Software, a systems designer and developer of
software productivity tools, today  announced the availability of SpectrumSCM 2.0.
The latest CM tool provides powerful new features and is flexibile, process
based system that can be used to manage the entire project lifecycle.
SpectrumSCM provides comprehensive source configuration management for any
‘e-Asset’ from origination through delivery, maintenance, and support.

SpectrumSCMÃ’ is integrated, platform independent, full-featured (Version
Control, Issue Tracking, Change Management, Process Management/Control,
Workflow, Release Management, Parallel Development) source configuration
management system that provides full CM functionality with one fully integrated
SCM system.

"With the addition of new enhanced functionalities on top of the already
powerful existing feature set, SpectrumSCM offers a solid investment. For small
and medium companies many high-end CM tools are cost prohibitive, now
SpectrumSCM is proving to be a powerful alternative to get the full
functionality of a high-end tool but at the price of a simple version control or
issue tracking tool," said Sarathi Srinivasan, President and CEO, Spectrum Software.

"By the combination of value and functionality, SpectrumSCM guarantees a
cost savings of up to 80 per cent compared to any other existing integrated CM
tool, or non integrated version control tools that have been manually integrated
with an external issue tracking system," said Adrian Raybould, Director of
Software Development, Spectrum Software.

"SpectrumSCM is the most functional, fully-integrated,
platform-independent, highly affordable system. Java technology ensures that it
can be used on virtually any server and client. Users will appreciate the
consistent GUI and IDE integration regardless of their desktop system and the
network method of access to the repository — features that are not available
in many products," said Tom Snider, National Sales Manager, Spectrum

"SpectrumSCM’s full featured functionality in one system makes it a very
attractive proposition to all the organizations, big or small. Spectrum
Software’s 100 per cent money-back guarantee is a strong indication of our
belief in the product and the value it brings to our customers," added

SpectrumSCM 2.0 new feature list

  • Role Based Access Control: Allows project managers to enable access
    permissions on resources in the SpectrumSCM project repository based on the
    role that a user plays in a project. Access control can be defined for all
    configurable items in the repository including branches, directories and
  • Workspace Synchronizer: The Workspace Synchronizer allows a user to
    quickly and easily identify the files in his/her local workspace that are
    not currently synchronized with the SpectrumSCM repository. The feature
    makes it very easy for a user to work while disconnected from the
    SpectrumSCM repository. This will also enable enterprises to provide
    effective life-cycle management for any work undertaken by external
    resources like contractors, outside vendors, and any other third-party
    providers in any given project.
  • Agile File Rename and Move capabilities: Supports file re-name and move
    capabilities that will make Agile methodology practitioners very happy.
    Users can quickly and easily re-name files in place or move files around the
    directory structure, using simple drag-n-drop techniques, without losing any
    file history or upsetting previous releases.

  • Change Request Work Breakdown Structures: SpectrumSCM can now form
    parent-child and peer-to-peer relationships between change requests. This
    allows project leads and managers to easily define and break down large
    feature requests into manageable elements for assignment to individual
  • Microsoft® Office Plugin: The SpectrumSCM Office Plugin provides direct
    access to SpectrumSCM functionality through Microsoft Word, Excel and
    Powerpoint. Users of these tools can check files in and out of a SpectrumSCM
    repository without having to leave the native environment of these tools.
    Using the Spectrum Office Plugin, end user organizations can easily share
    Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents over LAN and WAN facilities in a
    controlled fashion. 

Additional enhancements include:   

  • Supports full SMTP mail authentification
  • Borland ControlCenter integration – brings advanced Spectrum-SCM
    capabilities to Borland users
  • Context sensitive menus for easy access to advanced CM functionality
  • Mandatory Change Request Attributes – enhance the effectiveness of Change
  • Enhanced Security features – Password Expiration Management
  • Business Rule Engine Enhancements – SpectrumSCM API now supports a finer
    level of control, including file information and content


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