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Features: Epigon Media Technologies has come up with a product called

Speaker Magic that can provide a better listening experience and high fidelity

output from the speakers for PC users.

The software product is now available as a plug-in for Windows Media player and
Bangalore-based Epigon hopes to tie-up with other players like Winamp soon.

Users can download the free Alpha version of the software from the Epigon


Besides PCs, Epigon is hoping to promote Speaker Magic as an embedded
application in televisions, audio video receivers and smart phones.

Speaking to the journalists here today, Radhakrishan Rao, CEO and president,
Epigon Media Technologies, said, “This kind of software to improve the quality

of sound is becoming popular as a concept. Some of the competitors in the market

are Volume Logic and DFX.”

Unlike these existing products, Speaker Magic enhances the threshold level and
allows for multi-band filtering to the extent of 32 bands, said Rao.

While DFX and Volume Logic are priced at $20, Epigon hopes to make it a sub-$10
product. Rao said that Speaker Magic would go commercial in the next 30 days.

The company intends to sell the product online and also partner with PC and IT


Rao added that the product could be customized for the call center industry and
also be offered by streaming audio service service providers. An amplifier

manufacturer has already tied up with Epigon to integrate Speaker Magic within

its product.