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Sharath Kumar
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BUSAN, S. KOREA: Sony Computer Entertainment, provider of the world's most sought-after game console device PlayStation, has showcased its head-mount VR display device called "PlayStation VR" and VR titles such as Bandai Namco's romance game "Summer Lesson" and SEGA's "Hatusne Miku VR," at the recent G-Star 2015 global game show here.


The device is used by connecting it to a PlayStation. Wearing the head-mount display device, gamers can use a gamepad or a motion-recognizing device named "PlayStation Move" to control a character in a virtual reality game. During a test of the PlayStation VR and a virtual reality gunfight game "London Heist," the device produced a highly immersive gaming experience and it has been intensified when played using PlayStation Move.

"Alongside our conventional game experience zone for PlayStation titles, we have also prepared for the PlayStation VR test zones to provide novel VR gaming experiences to visitors," a Sony Computer Entertainment Korea spokesman said Friday.

Nvidia, the world's leading computer graphic technology company, also operated VR experience corners on a larger scale compared to last year.


The company showcased two types of VR devices ― Oculus Lift and HTC Vive ― and stressed the importance of VR technology in renovating gaming experiences to the next level.

"As the VR technologies are expected to be commercialized soon, we have seen greater anticipation of gamers over the VR experiences at this year's G-Star," Nvidia Korea's general manager David Lee said. "The company has cooperated with Oculus and HTC to develop VR technologies and to provide actual VR gaming experiences to customers."

At Nvidia's exhibition booths, the Lift, developed by a Facebook affiliate Oculus, presented CCP Games' VR shooting game "EVE: Valkyrie" and Carbon Games' "AriMech VR," while Taiwanese company HTC's head-mount device Vive offered Google's VR painting application "Tilt Brush" and Valve's "Aperture Science" and "theBlue" demos.

Sony Computer Entertainment and Oculus have said they will launch PlayStation VR and Oculus Lift in the first half of next year for personal customers.

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