Sonip Solutions launches early earthquake warning system

New Update

In order to avoid Uttarakhand-like human casualties, Sonip Solutions- the promoters of Radius Infratel, in collaboration with German inventor Juergen Przybylak, has launched early earthquake warning and security system in India. The new secty lifePatron system, company said, is advanced earthquake warning system equipped with detector and siren.


Sonip Solutions director Nikhil Bansal said that Germany's secty lifePatron system is first of its kind device to be implemented in India. "India is vulnerable to earthquakes. The system is innovative and alert people ahead of disastrous natural calamities," said Bansal.

Germany's sectry electronics GmbH has already deployed these devices in more than 25 countries. The basic version of secty lifePatron consists of earthquake detector with integrated battery. for emergency power backup. The system's status is indicated visually for operation, failure and alarm.

Prof Chandan Ghosh of National Institute of disaster Management (NIDM) said that lifePatron device comes with pre-installed app. "It takes few seconds to raise alarm and it takes information from satellite in real time in a customized manner," Ghosh added.

"Our system makes a calculation about the time before the destructive S wave arrives. In the absence of the system the precious warning time is lost. With this equipment, people could be sure about the arrival of disastrous earthquake." Przybylak said. The system, company said, never raises a false alarm.