Softwarefit user reviews rate SugarCRM as the most flexible CRM

Soma Tah
New Update

BOSTON, USA: Softwarefit, a business helping companies choose CRM, ERP and marketing automation software with unbiased user reviews and data, has seen an influx in positive reviews of SugarCRM a direct competitor of, ACT! and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Softwarefit delivers a catalogue of comprehensive business software reviews for small, mid and enterprise sized companies. Softwarefit's end user reviews are designed to give businesses looking for software an honest view into every platform featured on the site. SugarCRM has ranked highest in the CRM category, beating Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SageCRM and ACT! among others.

SugarCRM's reviews have been glowing, one user said this of SugarCRM: "To say that our company was lost without Sugar would be an understatement. Our failures to keep a database up to date was very apparent during Christmas mailings in which we would receive at least 50 percent of our mailing back because of incorrect information. Sugar makes it easy for our sales team to keep customer information up to date. It is easy to learn and the availability of the internet CRM keeps us on track."

Another end user highlighted why they chose SugarCRM in the first place stating: "We initially chose the system because it could be SaaS through a browser and was much less expensive than competitors such as Salesforce - the software excels in customizability. As the admin, there was a bit of a learning curve, but not much." As stated in the above review, SugarCRM is a highly customizable CRM and as such is more agile and more affordable than

In comparison one user said this of Swiftpage's ACT! CRM: "ACT! CRM has been an ongoing battle for our company. There are certain features within ACT! that our sales staff do not find "easy" to use, so they opt to not use it altogether." A big priority for businesses investing in CRM is user adoption; therefore ease of use should be a top priority for CRM developers, and ACT! is frequently criticized for a non-intuitive interface. also has had mixed and negative reviews on, one user said this of Salesforce: "We have used and find the tool to be adequate for entering contact info, managing sales pipeline and basic reporting. What we struggled with is:

1. The user interface and movement from one page to the next is cumbersome and time consuming.

2. Consistent feedback has been that the tool is not intuitive and ramp up to full efficiency takes to long

3. There are numerous apps that add a lot of insight but the cost/month per user gets costly and management does not always see the value."