Tips on Social Media marketing for startups

By : CIOL Writers

Social Media Marketing (SMM) has become the x-factor between successful and not so successful enterprises.It’s a two-way deal. Apart from the fact that it makes it easier for people to find your startup, it gives you the opportunity to know

Increasing Sales Using Social Media

By : CIOL Writers

Marketing with assured results can be a really costly affair nowadays. Not all enterprises have big budgets for advertising and marketing. But when you have social media as a marketing platform, you just don’t need to worry about costs. Social

44 percent wish mobile services from Google, Apple or Facebook

By : CIOL Writers

Google, Facebook, Apple or Amazon are not just big tech enterprises. For people, these names symbolically stand for advanced technology, trustworthiness and high quality service. So after banking services, if Google, Facebook or Amazon start offering widely available mobile phone

Funding competition for startups via Snapchat

By : CIOL Writers

For Justin Kan, Snapchat is a “pretty fun medium: low friction enough to easily create content, but dynamic enough to share things that are educational and entertaining”. Kan has been sharing startup lessons for quite some time on the video

Social media marketing super-hit campaigns

By : CIOL Writers

Social media is no longer just about networking with friends and people. The platform, given its popularity and humongous user base has steadily evolved into a potent marketing tool for many companies. A little bit of creativity blended with quirkiness,

What broke the Internet today?

By : CIOL Bureau

As a patron of the internet, the word ‘Viral’ has bells chiming in our heads- much akin to Ice cream trucks and their musical accompaniments (as depicted in American sitcoms). If you are as keen in knowing the articles, memes

Urban poor or not, Gayatri Jayaraman touched a nerve

By : Riddhi Sharma

“Objectively and relative to a vast majority of Indians, they aren’t “poor” at all. But they’re certainly hungry and broke a lot.” writes Gayatri Jayaraman in her Buzzfeed article. While the article has been getting a lot of eyeballs. It

Social media misused by vested groups

By : CIOL Writers

If social media is used by vested groups for rumour-mongering and misinformation circulation during state crisis, the states are now working to skew the potent tool for their own benefit. In a volatile state like Jammu and Kashmir, security agencies

Twitter vs the US government

By : CIOL Writers

The battle between tech companies and the federal government is making different variations, affecting social media platform widely. After Apple and WhatsApp, Twitter has also started raising privacy concerns but in a different way. Twitter has blocked US Intelligence agencies

Facebook confirms support to Donald Trump

By : CIOL Writers

Yes, you read it right!! In spite of receiving immense pressure from the activists groups, Facebook has confirmed its support to sponsor the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, where Trump is expected to emerge as the party’s presidential nominee. According

Mother’s Day campaigns we love

By : CIOL Writers

Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing – Ricki Lake She is your one man orchestra- Mother, Teacher, Friend, Philosopher, Mentor. She does all it takes to make you feel secured, loved and happy. There cannot be and

Whatsapp ban lifted in Brazil

By : Riddhi Sharma

After being shut down for 48 hours on 15 December 2015, Whatsapp was banned again on 2nd May 2016 for 72 hours, which highlighted the growing pressures between technology companies’ privacy concerns and national authorities’ attempts to use social media

Beauty startups find it difficult to survive

By : CIOL Writers

Within a year of inception, Amber Wellness an online beauty startup, has ended its services in Indian cities of Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai. The startup which was launched in August 2015 decided to shut down due to low-profit margins; though