'Social networks promote secret love affairs'

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MEXICO CITY: Mexican rock group Mana has said social networks, in addition to their many other uses, help foster secret love affairs.


"It's a current reality, the connections between people via cyberspace make loving against the current more in fashion, for good or ill, and there are studies that back that up," said band vocalist Fher Olvera.

The band was filming a music video for their song "Amores clandestinos" (secret love).

Olvera said this type of relationship always existed, adding that "everyone has had at least one", as depicted in the three storylines that make up the video the band was filming.


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The location selected for the video shoot was an old and run-down opera theatre in the Mexican capital. The theatre was recently declared a national heritage site.

The song was selected for a music video by the band's fans on Facebook, drummer Alex Gonzalez said.

Mana has put out 10 original albums and five collections and has sold more than 20 million albums worldwide.