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BOISE, USA: Social networking and the real-time Web have just intersected, thanks to a new location-based platform called MobileDN. MobileDN is available now for real-time dating, business networking, friends, RV/boating enthusiasts and RV park/marina implementations.


The patent-pending MobileDN platform provides users who have access to a WiFi connection at any convention, restaurant or coffee house, etc., with the ability to see the profiles of other users in their location who share their common interests so that if desired, they can connect face-to-face.

While recent advances from companies such as Foursquare, Loopt and Google Lattitude are validating the need for social media to support real-time interaction, MobileDN is taking the concept to an entirely new level in several important respects:

MobileDN isn’t reliant on GPS technology – it works from anywhere a user can access WiFi. Even more important, MobileDN puts the power of location entirely in the customer’s hands with full privacy options that keep the subscriber in control of the information they share and when they want to share it. MobileDN is browser based and does not require a download. It works on most WiFi enabled devices including the Apple iPhone and iTouch.


MobileDN is an extremely low-cost subscription ($1.99 per month for a basic subscription, or $4.99 per month for advanced privacy). The Advanced Privacy option hides users’ profiles from other participants while they see and review the other subscribers in their location, letting the user decide in every case whether to let the other participant see them—an especially important feature for real-time dating, or times that a user is busy or would prefer to spend time on their own.

Analysts and technology evangelists note that location-based services are becoming a critical element of the growing real-time Web:

“The truth is that social networking, while great in many respects, does not fulfill a fundamental human desire: To be in the actual presence of other people,” said MG Siegler in his November 18 article in TechCrunch. “This is where location comes in.”

Another great feature of MobileDN is its ability to support Real-Time Business Networking. Imagine the business advantage of logging into MobileDN’s Business Card network from anywhere you have a WiFi connection, such as a coffee house, and viewing the profiles of the other business card members who are there. MobileDN’s technology enables users who are near each other to network and interact with one another based on their needs and services.

“The time has come for an enabling technology such as MobileDN,” said CEO Dave Brown. “This technology will change the way people interact online and in real life, and is addressing one of the market’s most critical needs for 2010 and beyond.”