Social learning platform, KarmaCircles raises seed funding from angels globally

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CIOL Social learning platform, KarmaCircles raises seed funding from angels globally

Social learning platform, KarmaCircles that works on the concept of ‘Request, Receive and Thank’, has raised seed funding from angels across the world at a valuation of Rs 20 crores.


The peer to peer learning platform that makes it easier for skilled professionals to give and receive advice & mentorship without a financial transaction has raised the investment by a consortium of national as well as global investors, further validating the need for such a platform globally.

The core concept of KarmaCircles was borne out of understanding the power of serving each other. The biggest challenge today is that professionals are not sure who to turn to for expert advice. KarmaCircles is one such platform which gives the opportunity to offer and receive help whenever you want, wherever you want and in a way that is win-win for both the individuals involved.

Deepak Goel, Founder, KarmaCircles highlighting the future plans said, “We believe that we have created a quality product that people want, now we would focus on scaling up. The core foundation of the platform is built around the vision of networking and thread a long-term community through the benefits gained by the mentees and the enhanced reputation of the mentor. Further, we are introducing a white label solution under the enterprise segment. This will be targeted towards accelerators, business schools, and corporates to engage with a closed gated community.”


KarmaCircles’ investors include Harinder Takhar (Canada, ex-CEO of PayTM) , Zain Raj (Chicago, USA, CEO of Shapiro+Raj) , Dr. Prasad Kaipa (Executive Coach based in Silicon Valley, USA) , Abaran Deep (Australia, Partner at PCI Group), Aseem Sood (India, CEO of Impact Measurement) , and Mustafa Patni (Chicago, USA, Serial Entrepreneur).

Dr. Prasad Kaipa, Coach and Advisor to various C-level executives for Global Fortune 500 companies highlighted “I invested in KarmaCircles because I could see that this company can be the next LinkedIn by creating Karma ripples for the contribution you make to other people. It has the potential to be next Wikipedia in relationship to value creation.”

Since its inception in 2015, KarmaCircles has grown organically with more than five thousand hand-picked users already on the platform and thousands of meetings already completed. The platform has several institutional tie-ups now, to help spread its ideology and has been working towards dignifying the process of giving and receiving help.

The platform has also introduced unique features like Karma Intro and Karma Network (a new social graph) to add a measurement matrix to the give and take that the platform facilitates.