snom's IP desktop phones and PA-1 SIP paging adapter interoperate with hosted VoIP service

New Update

WOBURN, USA: snom technology Inc., a leading developer of IP desktop phones, announced that its 7xx series and 8xx series desktop IP phones, as well as the PA-1 SIP paging adapter, are fully interoperable with Clarity Telemanagement's hosted VoIP service.


snom's 710, 720, 760, 821 and 870 business phones, and the PA-1 paging adapter, successfully passed Clarity's validation testing process ensuring full end-to-end integration with its service.

"Hosted phone systems have become a standard component of many businesses today," said Mike Storella, COO of snom technology. "Hosted VoIP services and standards-based SIP phones like snom's offer businesses flexibility, easy communication and significantly lower cost than traditional on-premise setups."

Clarity Telemanagement, of Lawrenceville, provides advanced VoIP technology services to enterprises, offering a range of products including hosted systems for telephone and mobile solutions.

Clarity's voice solutions range from an entry level voice and fax $39.99 monthly plan to advanced business offerings that include auto attendant, live answering service, call queue management, call recording, voice and fax broadcasting, and live attendant console to fit any sized business or enterprise need.

The company also offers SIP trunks, which use VoIP to connect an on-site IP-PBX to the Public Switched Telephone Network, enabling the convergence of voice and data on a single IP connection for significant cost savings.