Snapchat to bring the biggest update with Memories

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Snapchat is ready to bring the biggest update since its inception. Now no more screenshots, you can save the pictures in the app itself. Yes, Snapchat is launching Memories, where you can save the snaps and stories on Snapchat, a "personal collection of your favorite moments that lives below the Camera screen," announced Snapchat in a blog post.


Snapchat will be launching Memories within next one month, where users will receive a chat message from Team Snapchat whenever Memories becomes available for them.

CIOL Snapchat to bring its biggest update with memories

Previously, if users wanted to save their snaps, they had the option of saving it to phone’s camera roll. In Memories, along with that option, users can select to save their snaps to the desired location. If the snap taken is more than 24 hours ago, it automatically adds a frame around it to distinguish it as an older snap. Content within Memories will be automatically backed up to Snapchat servers so users can always access them from their account even if they change phones.


Users can access Memories option below the camera screen by swiping it above and can find all their saved snaps under tabs namely All, Snaps, Stories (collection of snaps), and Camera Roll.

The new feature also come with a handy search option, "It’s super easy to find the Snap or Story you’re looking for in just a few seconds by typing keywords like “dog” or “Hawaii” — that way you can spend less time searching and more time enjoying your Memories," said Snapchat.

Along with the above-mentioned feature, Memories come with a private PIN protected section called My Eyes, which allows users to save the snaps they do not want other people to see.

Now, you can easily pass your phone among friends & family to share your snaps without sharing any private snaps.